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His new movie looks terrible.

Gattaca is a great movie though. I don't know why but this guy has a sci-fi face to me.

i liked him as the famous russian sniper.

Is that a good movie? Never saw it cause it looked lame, but lately I've run out of bluray movies to watch. Not going back to DVD, I'm spoiled.

"good movie" is kind of relative, you know. i thought it was a necessary movie and featured (hubba hubba) rachel weiscz. i don't even know what bluray is. what's better about it?

In turn, I don't know what a "necessary movie" is. bluray is a new format that has more than twice the resolution of DVD and is meant to be played in HD televisions. Which means, less reason to go to the theater for me and deal with people who applaud every time Julia Roberts comes up with a self righteous bit or crap. And Julia Roberts isn't even in the movie.

People applaud here in the movie theaters. The director, writer, cast and crew of the movie are usually not in the theater. Didn't happen in my third-world country. Weird people, these Americans.

You live in California?

Oh is it only Californians (yes I do)? Then I'm moving.

It's a whole nuther world.

I often say to friends visiting that the only reason that people come to LA (other than to be waiters) is the weather. And in fact, I don't think I could leave this weather.

I love how Woody Allen put it about L.A. "I don't want to move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light."

i don't even know what bluray is. what's better about it?

[insert becker lives in a cave joke here]

you are an evil, evil man. i curse your livestock and maidservants with teh dropsy and the pox. may the thatch of your roof catch fire, and the big bad wolf blow your house down.

i'm thinking of upgrading my dvd player from a stone one to this spiffy bronze thingy i saw on market day last week.


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