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In Dodd We Trust

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In Dodd We Trust
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My dog is named Murray

How terrible that our sports teams all play on fields named after corporate criminals.

I do miss Enron stadium.

Jon was brilliant. The assholes on the Supreme Court who told us corporations are, aw shucks, just folks like you an' me should be required to watch the meassage from camera 3 every morning before they go to work.

stewart is SO good- very noticably here- that i sometimes find myself worried for his physical safety. i don't trust those corportations- they're people, after all, and i don't trust them. :)

dude, I am totally with you. this piece is so good that I just sat there dumbfounded at it's brutal honesty.

It's sad that I learn more about the complexities of company fraud from John Stewart than what the rest of the media calls news.


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