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HitchBitch and Maher on the Catholic Church



Must have missed something... what new happened this week for the catholics? I was away for most of it on vacation.

I know it came out that the catholic church is having more molestation problems in other countries, similar to what happened here.. what a shocker huh?

The Vatican's involvement has come up and the Pope was in charge of placing some priests that molested.

hitchens is wrong when he says that the usa don't need the bases in germany. without the airbases there, which is what is mostly left, the americans would have NO staging ground for any operation in the middle east. where does he think all the air-traffic goes through? straight from badghad/kabul to the states? without those bases america would have NO strategic leverage anywhere on the continent, aside from carrier groups (which by far would not suffice for logistics)and no way to supply troops or material (in the sizes it can do now) for both the iraqi and afghan campaign.

Well, that is partially true. WE can do a fair amount of air operations through air craft carriers. Some bombers fly non-stop from the US, the Stealth bombers for instance, can't really plan on landing anywhere but their American base. They do mid air refueling and fly to their targets and back, from their desert landing strip.

What is the deal with all the molestation going on in the Catholic Church? I mean, aside from the cover-ups, what is reason for all this molestation much more than any other organization and institution that works and tends to children? I've heard that sexual repression in celibacy could be a catalyst but I haven't seen too much scientific evidence to corroborate such a claim. Anyone read anything up on this?

I actually recommend gong to and watching A. Cooper interview Sinead O'Connor on the topic.

While celibacy may assist in bad behavior, the Catholic church actually allows 'pedophilia' as a defense (like insanity). That allows this to spread, like allowing fraternities their abusive hazing (just boys being boys, right?).

My biggest issue is that these are CRIMINALS and need to be TRIED AND PUT IN PRISON. If a friend of yours kills a guy, and you help cover it up, you are an accessory after the fact. You go to prison. Child molestation is worse than murder, and these guys just skate by.


Fucking nail them to the fucking wall.

I'm not sure the incidence is much more than any organization, only that it was let run for a horribly long time because of the protection people give to large cults, and for the crime itself of hiding the molesters.

It is pretty boring to see this two congratulating themselves on how smart and insightful they think they are. Two middle age men sucking and admiring their dicks (sorry, egos). Too much proselytism and too much egomania make a boring show.

Two middle age men sucking and admiring their dicks

Catholics have no need for this, I guess. There is always a little boy handy.

You sure you meant "proselytism" and not something else like "elitism" (as in "those dam elitists and their knowledge").

Also, is it me or does Hitch look drunk off his ass?


Wikipedia (aka article "Living Proof", Vanity Fair, March, 2003) corroborates this fact: "Hitchens admits to drinking heavily; in 2003 he wrote that his daily intake of alcohol was enough 'to kill or stun the average mule', noting that many great writers 'did some of their finest work when blotto, smashed, polluted, shitfaced, squiffy, whiffled, and three sheets to the wind.' "

he has said he was cutting back in at least one interview. I think he sees Bill's show as one place he can still let his hair down.

More here from Hitch 22:

Here, let me fix that for you: Link

Someone should fix that markdown bug. Grumble.

Must have missed something... what new happened this week for the catholics? I was away for most of it on vacation.

So yeah I also don't know what ended up happening. Can someone give us the 4-1-1?

He called child sexual abuse "petty gossip".

Wow, these people are real monsters. Arogant morons as well.

It's reall only a matter of time before they are selling of vatican city to the mormons.

I just read this story today about a cover-up of a priest that had raped 200 deaf boys.

It may be my own anecdotal perception, but are boy sexual abuse cases disproportionately happening more than girls being abused by religious leaders of Catholic Church? I don't know if anyone has any statistics on this. But if this is the case, why?

Erick, I'm no expert, but isn't it the case that priests (all male) have more interaction with boys -- in Church-run schools, as altar boys, etc -- while the girls are looked after primarily by nuns? That's the impression I've gotten from the popular culture, anyway.

I would guess that is true. I think also that celebacy draws in those that have shame about their sexual urges Socail stigmas around homosexuality would probably make them participate higher than average.

But I am no expert.


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