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Healthcare Rally in Utah

Yesterday those opposed to healthcare reform rallied in front of Congressman Jim Matheson's office, today it was those in favor.

update: Matheson to vote no.

Healthcare supporters 03/20/10 I estimate the crowd at 300-400, perhaps more:


rally 3.jpg

Healthcare opponents 03/19/10: The Tribune estimated yesterday's crowd at about 50.

Photo by Leah Hogsten/The Salt Lake Tribune



Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently living history.

If it passes we are, but just the first step in greater reform.

We already had a plebiscite on this issue. It's called an election and the last time I checked we won (perhaps the Supreme Court is looking to undo Obama's victory but a few angry hicks don't have that kind of power).

Matheson to vote no.

Didn't his father have bone cancer? Probably treated by state supplied Healthcare.


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