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Gypsy's folk influences

I'll start with a classical setting and move toward looser classical/folk fusions. Here goes:

Zoltan Kodály Peacock Variations: you might also try the Adam Fischer recordings with the Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra and Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra; those don't have available sound samples. Or star your quest on youtube here.

Béla Fleck, Jie-Bing Chen, V. M. Bhatt and others, Tabula Rasā: the 6 musicians got together and recorded elvated jam sessions with new and old tunes. The instruments are banjo (natch), mohan vin$#257;, erh-hu, mridangam, violin, and bānsuri. Let them take you where their imaginations roamed. Here's an intro to the recording on ye ol youtube (it also talks about Acoustic Planet).

Michael Portal and Richard Galliano Blow up. Portal plays bass and regular B flat clarinet, soprano sax, jazzophone, and bandonéon; Galliano plays accordion and piano - they perform originals, Piazzolla, and Pascoal.

I'll be combing over earlier posts for suggestions, and have a few for the coming weeks, but feel free to post themes to me. School's bearing down and my attention is divided. Enjoy everything above.



Hmm, the Fleck interview is titled "Bela Fleck on "The Road" Tabula Rasa/ Acoustic Planet 2 of 3" - I have no idea why the link takes you elsewhere. If you google "bela fleck tabula rasa" you'll see this clip first.


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