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Gypsy's Dance Picks for March 4th

So a friend of mine calls today National Parade day (fathom that one). I couldn't bring myself to post 3 marches, but marches are dances, right? So 3 dances it is:

Jean-Phillipe Rameau Rigaudon from Suite in E or Les Fêtes d'Hébé (go to CD 2 track 19). There's also a great transcription played by the fabulous Calefax Reed Quintet (track 15) in an arrangement Suite Le Rappel des Oiseaux. Supposedly the dance song is called J'ai du bon tabac. Either way, a fun little jaunt.

Leoš Janáček III. Allegro from Mládí. This is a cute march, featuring that toy instrument I sometimes play.

The above 2 are short. If you go 1 movement at a time below, those go by fairly quickly as well:

Astor Piazzolla Five Tango Sensations. I'm fighting I. Asleep as I type - gotta get back on a more normal schedule.



I'll put my dancing shoes on just as soon as I get these snow shoes off. We've had six inches of snow today.

zounds! Iowa was headed for a record year, but we'll have to leave it to Utah.


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