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Enemies of Reality

Part 2

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Tip to Bernardo although that isn't Deepak.



The title of this post is wrong. It's "Enemies of Reason", not reality.

I know, I thought that when I went to type it in and when I noticed I had made the mistake I decided I liked my version better.

That's quite a serendipitous typo, Reed. Is it not possible that you actually changed the title because your spirit guide controlled your fingers at that moment? Maybe the cosmic powers are controlling your reasoning (or reality) at this very moment? Or maybe it was Dog who persuaded you to use "Reality" rather than "Reason" for some reason of His own? Wow! He just caused me to type Dog instead of God. I'm going to have to lie down now, and listen to some calming music. Where's my Jerry Lee Lewis CD?

Why did you have to bring my dog into this?

Dog the Son. Isn't he the chap who wrote Alice in Wonderland?

Jerry Lee Lewis Carroll. That ought to be one of the questions in the Before and After category on TV's Jeopardy.

Or maybe there are some metalheads in his neighborhood, and he's subconsciously noticed this album cover on a t-shirt --

Would THAT be calming music? I seem to have misplaced Jerry Lee.

Oh, I suppose that depends on what you happen to find soothing -- if psychiatrists can calm down eight year olds with ADHD by giving them amphetamines, I'll reserve judgment on whether frenetic, bass-heavy thrash metal will relax you.

In any case, the guitar player sure can rip.

And while we're on the subject, it was nice to see Professor Dawkins rocking out on the recorder in pt. 1.

Actually, it is Episode 2 that has the interview with Deepak.

Wow, is it hard to listen to that guy speak.

He is an ass and its really hard to believe he is not conscious of his lies during that exchange with dawkins.


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