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Things like living in the mid west and not having a huge paycheck have had me eliminating extra stuff for a while now. Ok, clothes are still an issue! What would really help most people is the elimination of packaging. I would compromise and allow packaging, as long as I could return the packaging to the store for pick up by the company that brought it there, for return to the company that created the product and the packaging. With any luck they'd re-use the packaging. This, of course, means that the packaging would have to be constructed so that it would be usable again, which would be fine by me!!

We've been doing a little cutting back at our house as well.

I vote we eliminate those plastic prisons they put products in these days. It took me years before I figured out the secret and was able to open a package in under a day.

you figured out the secret? please do tell! i once had the unfortunate experience of being both a 90 pound weakling and far from a pair of scissors or a knife, and i had to get at a pair of headphones in one of those cursed bubble packs. there was an audience involved...i've been emotianally scarred ever since.

Tell you the secret? It wouldn't be a secret then would it? You'd start writing one of those commentaries and then one of your friends would write a commentary on the commentary and centuries from now your decedents would monopolize the package opening secrets and claim to be the wisest of them all. No my man, I'm not going to give away my best stuff.


You have to pull some Jackie Chan-danger-level stunts to open those suckers.

What I really hate is if you have to return a product to the store. You arrive at the return counter and see the sign that says returns must have the original packaging. The employee looks at you with the look. You know what he's thinking. You call that the original packaging?

What - tape doesn't count for something?

Or that bloody hand with the missing finger...

Norm, you're on a roll. Keep 'em comin'. This thread is most enjoyable to read.

I'm at the point in my life where I have everything that I need, so I don't purchase anything but food and beer and membership fees to the chess site Norm recommended. Fortunately, none of those come in the aforementioned hard plastic prisons.

I'm not going to give up my secret, but I can tell you that Black & Decker electric scissors don't cut it. Come to think of it they come in their own plastic prison, don't they?

Swiss Army knife: Good plastic prison breaker.

Got one for X-mas 2008. When I opened it, I thought, "uh, this isn't really me." I now use it nearly every day.

I'm a big fan. I have a couple, but always carry in my keychain one of the small ones, I happen to consider the phillips screwdriver one of the best inventions of humankind, EVAH!

...but always carry in my keychain one of the small ones...

I once had one of those too, but they don't have a useful screwdriver (or corkscrew!). The trouble with the keychain version is that you'll probably forget about it when you drive to the airport like I did ... and you know what happened next.


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