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Terrorism is Funny



curious, reed:

  1. knowing the details of that texas irs attack, you would catogorize it as "terrorism"?

  2. you don't think it's legitimate to make jokes about terrorism?

Well, Terrorism is really a pretty ill-defined term, so I think you could almost say anything is terrorism.

But if you want to use the sort of general public's view. Its just attacks on the public by non an ideological radical group with no country.

One could argue this guy didn't plan this as part of his group, but I don't think that is a valid points. Not every suicide bomber gets his orders from terror central command.

There have been a series of shootings, and fear inspiring acts out of this radical right fringe.

To your second point, jokes are fine, but this one shows their irresponsibility. In the same way that the abortion doctor was murdered in Kansas, these acts are inspired by over the top rhetoric. Norquist one of the key players in the "hate the Govt", "taxes are evil" message that the neocons use.

So I think this joke is the equivalent of the pro-lifers making jokes about a clinic bombing.

Actually, I thought it quite appropriate to lump Grover Norquist into the same category as the loony tune who crashed his plane into an IRS building.

Exactly what made the joke, not funny.

i'm missing something. what makes the guy "radical right fringe"?

Read his manifesto

There's something in there for everyone to point to. Maybe we should be worried about all software engineers! Or maybe it's the electric guitar players! Even better, anyone who hates the Catholic Church!

I didn't see anything about Jews in there, but I skipped a lot ;)

I didn't see anything about Jews in there, but I skipped a lot ;)

if it's in there i'll find it, godamit! thanks fr the link.


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