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Save the Newspaper!

...or not.



i don't know the tech-speak for this but has anyone else noticed or been bothered by the fact that the right side of the "screen" is cut off on these youtube clips here, making it impossible to get rid of the popup ads at the bottom? anything to do about this besides redirecting to youtube?

about newspapers: i see what the guy is saying, but as an old fart, i'll miss them when they go.

There's a pretty easy fix for the posters.

Unfortunately even the smallest youtube embed size is too big for this site's margins. Default embed is: 480x295. I think you can get it to be just about the right size if you do 455x280 instead.

There are 2 places where height and width are specified in the embed code though, just change those and the youtube object will resize accordingly.

Oh, sorry, I thought I put it in all standard screen and it ended up in too large a size.

It's just something that we need to keep an eye on for all video sizes

So we're supposed to rely on wire services like the McClatchy, Reuters and the AP for all news in the future? Newspapers and television subscribe to the wire services and PAY for the content. Will there be enough revenue for wire services without newspapers? We're about to find out.

Television news does a horrible job at reporting and, like radio, cannot cover stories in depth.

Newspapers not only cover local news properly, but also do in-depth national and international stories. As an exercise, go to the Pulitzer Prize site and examine 1) where the prize winners worked, and 2) what were the prize-winning stories.

How many of these stories would have been covered without newspapers?

Or as another exercise- when you visit a news aggregator site like Onegoodmove or Huffington, count the number of stories that originated from newspaper reporting.

Until the Huffington Post hires some real journalists and opens bureaus in Chicago, Tokyo and Baghdad, newspapers will place a critical role in news reporting.

Jeez, we really missed out on the Friday procrastinate until the week is over commenting I usually see.

Probably have too many paper readers.

That's a pretty lame spot. All of the things he says about newspapers - too much advertising, too much reproduction, too little original thought - can equally be said about most internet news.

The problem I have with newspapers is not that they use wire services but that they don't do it in a fashion which is critical and interesting enough. And also: wire services are just too bad. Which doesn't stop internet news sites from regurgitating them.

Newspapers have become lazy and uncritical. That's what made people turn to blogs. I'd pay for a thick advertisement-ladden paper anyday if it provided me with insight and courage, instead of stenographing. Websites should keep that in mind.

I don't think his point is that they are worse than websites, just that they don't really add as much as people think they do.

Its not much of a loss in many cases.

I mostly think that they were lost 2 decades ago when they were bought out by big companies and became cookie cutter news regurgitators. Not only is the medium rapidly becoming out of date, but the content has been sheepish and under researched.


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