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QI - US Prison Population

(tip to Pedantsareus)



Thanks. I'll be passing this link around.

This is simultaneously sad, embarrassing, and infuriating.

Ad to top it off, we've begun the even more disastrous practice of privatizing our prison system.

Despite accounting difficulties, the evidence to date shows strong cost advantages of private operation over government operation due to such factors as the absence of civil service regulation, lower private-sector pension and benefit costs, and improved productivity.

Basically, they save money by paying their employees crap wages, giving them little to no benefits and other fun anti-labor practices.

Oh, and by hiring out prison labor to outside corporations and taking their own cut from the prisoner's paycheck.

Sort of makes the phrase, "Land of the Free" seem rather absurd doesn't it. Land of the obsessed with control is more accurate.

Better to lock people up than have some sort of equal distribution of wealth that avoids theft by giving positive reinforcement for being productive in society.

This is a prime example of where religion has been used to manipulate the lower classes into supporting absurd policies that are actually completely counter productive to societies needs.

Is it the Danish prison that is located on an island? I tried searching but don't have the right term(s).

Is this what you are referring to, Gypsy?

Thanks for the link; it sheds more information on the subject at hand than the video I was thinking of does. Norm posted about Fullen a year or so ago.

I recently listened to a great podcast lecture primarily on this issue.. by Ethan Nadelmann

It's about the war on drugs but it's really not the generic "here's some info about the war on drugs and this it's bad" talk. It's an incredible lecture, and touches on some very interesting aspects of the prison system in california.

listening now. Good talk.


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