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Obama needs to have more fun. It's been rough waiting for him to get game, but man, ride on.

He needs to get about 10 "Democrats" into a room and kick their asses. This is theater - good theater - but it has no effect on anything Obama can do. Every one of these assholes will vote against every one of his proposals no matter how absurd he makes them look while they are doing it. It is the guys in his own party who have stabbed him in the back.

Well, sounding moderate and making them look like loons might scare the crap out of a few of the folks that have districts he one last time.

He really just needs Reid to take 50 senators aside and tell them that the other nine can get in line or lose all commitee positions and that there is a freakin new sherif in the Democratic caucus for once.

Well, sounding moderate and making them look like loons might scare the crap out of a few of the folks that have districts he [won] last time.

How I wish that could ever be true. I'm more with Tim. Obama needs to lead the charge with his own party - beat them into submission if need be. Course I wouldn't cry if Nelson, Stupak, and Reid were replaced by more progressive Dems...the downside could be that a replacement would be in the form of a more conservative Republican.

There are some weak links in the republican chain that were all expecting to lose reelection a few months back. The polls start to swing back to the dems and they will sell their leadership out in a heartbeat.

A jobs bill and a 3% reduction in unemployment will do that.

You are right, Obama needs party discipline, but he can also break the republicans discipline if he can gain the upper hand.

i don't mean to complain. everything posted here (including the comments) is top quality. but there's so little of it!

aren't there like, 3 blog managers or whatever now? get off your asses and entertain me, dammit! you don't want me to start posting tons of shit about my personal areas of interest in the forum, you know you don't. don't make me get nasty now.

feed me, seymour!

signed, norm's nightmare. :)

I just got off an airplane and i have been taking care of my new dog for the last week at home. Very time consuming stuff

i don't know which is worse- people who live in caves or people who live on the road, at hojo's. there MUST be a middle ground!

I sometimes check out caves while hiking, sometimes fly to places for meetings or projects and I live in a nice apartment.

I think that's a middle ground.

tents! right there on the middle ground.

jb-long time fan, disgruntled reader, you should provide the corresponding commercial tune s to my picks. The more links these days the merrier!

Also, have you thought about poking people? Think back on what chaps their butts and post. Watch them crawl out of the woodwork.

Other than that, I think that people are just trying to maintain - still kind of the beginning of the year and all. Gotta pay off those holiday expenses.

commercial? i've gotta hand it to you, you have to have pretty eclectic tastes to call mine "commercial". i mean, i bet when i first got into ac/dc they were being outsold by "rites of spring" by about 10 to 1. :)

i tend to fixate these days on particular trancendant performances. here's my current fave, i need to hear it at least twice a day just to keep my head together.

if i could marry this woman and her entire band i would. i'm sure they're all dead by now.

oh. you make it sound like you live on the road. business class, whatever.

as far as how nice your apartment is, let ME be the judge of that. when's your next barbecue?

kidding aside, what is UP with the paucity of postings here lately?

Like i said, I got a dog. I am trying to pick up my bloging time but I tired after all the walks.

and norm is out of the running? and gypsy sister has nothing to say outside of classical music recommendations? i'm grasping at straws here! i mean, i'm happy for you and the dog...

btw, you know of course what an agnostic dyslexic insomniac does, right? :)

gypsy sister has actually been posting a lot, in the comments, so kudos to her. i see you're also making mighty efforts in this area. but what about the meat and potatoes stuff? come on, just because dubya is out of the picture there's nothing left to talk about? sorry, that's what it feels like.


a longtime fan

More like they're embarrassed by Obama. Remember this?

I kinda feel for the guy. He really oversold himself, and now his buyers are bummed.

I think I've posted plenty about Obama - what he does and has done that I like or don't like. I can't say I'm embarrassed. I don't like everything any politician does. Sometimes talking about Bush was like shooting fish in a barrel, though.

hmmm, you've given me an idea and i don't much like the implications of it. "shooting fish in a barrel"- yes, that's exactly what it was like. so i guess that's what people really like to do. they don't want to have their "butts chapped", they don't want to be challenged.

i haven't seen any research on it, but i'll bet this isn't the only blog that grew and flourished from, say, after 9/ll until obama's election and then kind of dried up as people lost interest- as their "barrel of fish" was taken away, in other words.

i certainly can't prove a correlation, and if there is one there are many other possible explanations than the one i'm suggesting. if anyone else has any ideas i'd be interested. i do think the subject is a bit too large to be explained by things like getting a dog or paying off holiday expenses. i understand (other) people have personal lives too (norm) that affect their blogging but like i said i don't think 1gm is alone but part of a pattern. after learning the ropes of blog commenting on 1gm i started posting comments on other blogs, just 6 or 8 months ago. more than once, and more than twice in fact i saw variants on "gee, i don't know where the hell you've been, buddy, but you missed the big show. things used to be really hopping around here and now it's gone to hell".

to be fair i should mention that there are blogs out there that i find interesting- like pharyngula (thanks andyo) that actually have so many commenters that it just doesn't seem worth it to post- anything you say will just be a drop in the sea and no one will notice. so that's the other side of the coin, i suppose. but i wonder if even places like that have experienced a drop in readership since the elections. politics doesn't seem to be a huge part of what myers is doing but it does stick it's nose in regularly. or "lgf"- now there's an interesting story.

sorry, just musing. none of those big operations give me the same warm fuzzy feeling as 1gm, of course.

I find his execution a little embarrassing at times inspired at others, but his intent is pretty much as I expected. I don't know that any of those opinions have anything to do with my post rate.

I'm not embarrassed - I'm disappointed, but only a bit more than I expected to be. In fact, you didn't actually see all that much wild enthusiasm on OGM for Obama in any case.


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