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Overtime With Bill Maher - Atheism



Science as a process never gets overturned.

Also, I hope I don't have rely on Buddhists to save me because my experience is that they always run late.

What a crappy exchange.

Shit. See this is why I say Maher doesn't really have good arguments against religion. Those two idiots parroting the same old bullshit, one the morality bullshit and the other the relativistic bullshit, and Maher can't say anything worthwhile.

I get so fucking annoyed when those assholes spout "science says this" or "science is discovering". Copernican revolution? Overturning? What did it overturn, you fucking moron? Who overturned Galileo, Newton and Einstein? That's not called overturning, it's called progress. What was overturned were religious beliefs, you disingenuous relativistic asswipe.

He should have a resident scientist. Call up Sam Harris and have a field day with these stupid fuckers.

Andyo's comment FTW!

Maher always come across as a sneering asshole in these debates. im also annoyed by those like the comedian to his right, who dismiss the need for atheists to be activists. I have catholic friends who say my atheism is a religion because it's something i believe to be true, as if that were equivalent in a believe in the afterlife or invisible people.

Yet still they laugh at me for being offended on the 12 commandments being everywhere, and of prayer and creationism being pushed into schools, and cry that Christianity is under attack! This is what we face in America if we dont stand up for ourselves as non believers and the Constitution. Im often telling my friends that freedom from religion in the constitution is why we have freedom of religion, but they simply don't get it.

And that god believer gene shit is idiotic. Christians are not saying it proves we were wired by Intelligent design to believe in god. Well i guess that explains the drug induced shaman cave paintings from 30,000 BC. All that proves is human intelligence craves a need for cause and effect so we can make sense of the world. A belief in God is just being the more simplistic of solutions to that problem.

monologue was 80% all right.

I can't see the video, presumably because of region blocking. Sometimes I wonder why I even come to this blog.


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