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Mr. Deity and the Baptist



i don't really care about p.c. and i support the rights of humorists, especially the mr. deity folks to say what they like, however they want to say it. i have to say, tho, this one freaked me out a little bit, because i have an aquaintance who'se a quadraplegic and this was uncomfortably close to conversations i've actually had with him. fwiw. also i'd be willing to bet the story of salome and j. th baptist isn't real well known to the target audience here, tho i thought this approach was pretty funny despite my objection stated above.

Tell us a bible story JB.

Not even Mr D read the script.

I think you are being a little elitist, here, JB. I learned the story of JtB and Salome when I was taken to see the Richard Strauss opera as a child, apart from bible stories in school and at Sunday School. But as far as the video is concerned I think it is one of the least funny Mr Deities I have seen - nothng to do with PC or not PC, just unfunny.


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