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Mr. Deity and the Really Hard Time



Can humans even understand time? The past is gone forever and the future doesn't exist. The only thing that's real is the present. Time is just a product of human thought.

If time is just a product of human thought, isn't yesterday as real as today?

But yes, time is just how we percieve the universe. Carl Sagans 4th dimension lessons come as close as we can to explainng how the universe may exist.

Brilliant writing.

Some website should pick up their shorts and use it to promote.

i agree- this one is some of their best writing yet. i think this show might be a good example for you atheisty-types to use to illustrate bias against atheists in american society. because in terms of quality and comedic value, mr. deity really should be picked up for prime time, not just for some website promotion. but it'll never happen cuz it won't get past the marketing research phase.

though now that i think of it, to be fair, it's the broad attacks on religion, not a specifically atheist viewpoint, that would be anathema to the average american viewer.

not to mention the outright blasphemy. :) but you don't have to be an atheist to blaspheme. in fact i hold it's much more meaningful and fun to do it the other way. :) you guys don't know what you're missing.

Come on Jonathan, a lot of "us guys" were brought up in a religious milieu. I was a choirboy as a child and a member of the Parochial Council and Deanery Synod as an adult. I know the beauty of blasphemy from both sides now, and I also know the peace of mind that comes with understanding.

with all due respect, sir, i didn't think pedants are generally known for their peace of mind. with much wisdom comes much sadness, or something like that. but i'm glad you had the chance, at least, to properly blaspheme. :)

Who's on first. What's on second. . . Brilliant piece all around. I have nothing to complain about, and that's something.

This episode will prove to be timeless – I mean it's really something.

Yeah, you've said repeatedly that you're in it for the fun. We can still have fun in other, more worldly ways.

damn I gotta get this reply stuff right one of these days. You can tell which post the above was a reply to.


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