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Mighty Orphan Power Strangers

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Bibles are made out of children!

They make them out of children.

I will actually make the most generous assumption and think that they are just a bunch of arrogant bastards

Why did the "missionaries" go to Haiti at all? Heck, all they had to do is drive into the poor part of town in lots of American cities and start picking up kids for "adoption".

the theory is that they were setting up a school in the D.Republic to shelter them for a short while, and then get them into the U.S. Another theory suggests they were interested in keeping the standard adoption fee, which can be upwards of $10,000. Who know what they would do with that money, and in a perfect world, they would reinvest that into the program to get more kids 'out'.

In any case, they were dumb. Dumb and arrogant...

Wait.. AND they were religious? I've never seen those things combined before. smirk


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