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Maddow: Christian Ignorance Revives Discrimination in Virginia



I am going to hold my breath until the Palin outrage begins. umph........ (reed passes out)

Anti gay, anti global warming, anti evolution, anti flu shots... anti reason? Is that the same as anti science? Is science reason?

It's still amazingly telling to me (I come from a faraway land) that in the US those groups overlap so much. I never knew I was a "liberal" before I learned what "conservatives" are here. I've never been into politics, but here it seems politics is largely either pro-reality or against it.

The country I was born and raised in ("poor, third-world" South American), I was taught in school (we only have Primary and Secondary, usually in the same school for 12 years) evolution and uncensored biology in general in such a non-controversial manner, that I didn't learn much cause it was boring (even learned Lamarckian theory). We even had some hilarious sex-ed classes. Parents NEVER complain. And also, one hour a week of "religion" (catholic) which one could opt out of, but no one did cause no one cared.

Perhaps Dawkins is right when he suggests maybe state-sponsored religion (I would add "in a modernized democratic country") is a good thing cause it makes religion boring, while here in the US all religions do free market competition.

Science is a fortunate byproduct of reason.

didja see how the princeton prof/seminary student was willing to debate the virginia politician on theological grounds? didja see how easy it would be? i rest my case. these morons don't have any idea what they're talking about. "first born" indeed, i'll give ya first born, you fucking idiot.

by the way, i'm not just a jewish (ex) seminary student, i'm also a (ex) west virginian. we split from virginia at the beginning of the civil war because of differences with those virginia bigots among other things. fuck them and their understanding of scripture, and using it to make people miserable. mountaineers are always free! and gay, and incestuous, and crackheads, and poor...

Nice - newborn children paying for the sin(s) of the mother. Glad it's been a long while since I was a VA resident.

Harris-Lacewell was also great at explaining - succinctly - what Planned Parenthood provides. The most recent PP to open in Des Moines had all these protesters on opening day; the men came in later for free condoms.


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