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Here's a piece I wrote about Marineland in Napier, New Zealand back in 2000:

I read a bit that Mooney article yesterday to see what the "other side" says. Surely no one who's not a Pat Robertson or a Rick Warren can deserve that much shit even from PZ and Coyne and most nonreligious scientists, right?

But the supporting commenters (few and far between, but I think that's largely due to PZ and Coyne linking to it) are as disingenuous as any poor sap that finds himself commenting on Pharyngula in defense of their church after their religious homepage linked them to it.

I've found virtually no credible defense for the Templeton's antics, and when it seemed someone said something reasonable, someone else reveals the lying. Best one I've seen is at Beyond Belief 2006 I think, where the Templeton rep was so OUTRAGED, but then someone else revealed how Templeton systematically changed details of their website to appear less religious.

The last thing I want is religious people wanting to cut the "evil" out of my brain.

It's better thatn them trying to put the evil in I suppose.


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