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Homeopathy is doing too well in that poll. 27% is way to high for the water treatment.

And what is GMTV? I understand branding is important, but you would thing the meaning of the G and the M would be on the website somewhere.

Also, is that guy with the pointy hair a journalist of some kind? Please tell me he covers the douche bag scene.

It was like 70 - 30 in favor yesterday. I call that progress.

I could only find that it's out of the UK. Pedantsareus, you know what this is?

For the pointy hair: fauxhawks have made it to the news!

Sorry I'm late - time zone differentials, don't you know!

GMTV is the morning television programme of UK's Independant Television (ITV) and is "Good Morning TeleVision"

I am afraid I don't know the people concerned as a) I rarely watch ITV, b) I am rarely up early enough to watch that programme and c) I am a miserable old git.

So is the prayer cracking crime article a foil to the atheist nations are more peaceful?

Acknowledging this story publicly will make the process completely ineffective.

I am sure all the criminals are now praying for their own success.

Sister, you are in CA, right? I've always liked Ahnold, but I don't follow CA politics too much (almost at all). Are there actual reasons why he's so disliked, besides being bellicose with the congress people (which I regard as generally a good thing), and the unfortunate position of having to cut many jobs? Do people think the CA money troubles are his fault?

I'm in Des Moines, trying to decide if I'll call Harkin again to get him to sign Bennett's letter in support of the public option.

I think Jill and Robinson are Californians.

Could have sworn it was you. Regardless I wonder what people here think of the governator.


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