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Links With Your Coffee - Monday

  • A Comforting Myth
    Whether or not suffering improves us depends first of all on how we define "suffering". Real suffering – pain, disease, thirst, starvation – don't improve us; they don't leave us room to improve. "Improvement" is an activity for healthy people in tolerable circumstances; when things are desperate improvement becomes a luxury.
  • Essay of the week: The New Puritanism' by AC Grayling
    If you have ever been in a car driven by someone who alternates repeatedly between accelerator and brake, making you jerk uncomfortably along, you will appreciate how change occurs in our society’s moral attitudes.
  • Creationist Finally Explain Extinction
  • Roger Ebert: The Essential Man
    It has been nearly four years since Roger Ebert lost his lower jaw and his ability to speak. Now television's most famous movie critic is rarely seen and never heard, but his words have never stopped. (tip to Patrick)




Grayling is always a delight to read:

His article really demonstrated that pushing things under the rug only exacerbates the issue (especially in the case of rape and actual human trafficking).

That said, I've been meaning to pick up his book and this might be enough incentive to do so.

Good find!


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