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Links With Your Coffee - Weekend Edition




still smoking are you, jb?

i've given up almost everything else (i have quite an impressive list)so yes, still smoking. but not enjoying it so much. i got some health issues and believe me, smoking is far from the worst of my problems right now. but don't pity me- i also live in a country with socialized medicine. :)

Lucky you, not the health issues but the socialized medicine. Hope you get well soon, I'll be praying for you.

I'll be praying for you.

i'm not sure i even want to live in a world where norm jenson says things like that without a little smiley/winky emoticon. please tell me you're kidding. but thanks for whatever kind wishes that may have been in that bizarro world statement. :)

My reputation is so well established that I can omit the smileys with no danger of being misunderstood. The wishes for your speedy recovery however stand.

the "pulp diction" story was great, btw. i often see things on linksw/yrcofee that are cool and interesting which i wouldn't see if not for this blog. it happens so often, in fact, that i rarely post a comment just to say "thanks". allow me to take this opportunity- thanks.

You're welcome. :)

Re: placebo buttons. I think it misses the mark completely with the title. These people are not being motivated by placebo (a belief that something that doesn't work, does).

I never thought the crosswalk buttons would change the light, just let the traffic light "know" that I'm standing there, just like it knows when a car is waiting to turn left. If there are no cars, the left turn light doesn't turn green thus saving time. At least that's how it works here in LA.

If you don't push them the "walk" light may not come on at some lights when there are no cars that the light can detect for it to turn green. Even with automated lights they're needed, cause those lights only detect cars.

To make an analogy with actual medicine, what that article is saying is that someone who takes a pill out of a bottle with 50% placebo pills is under the placebo effect. Well only half the time, but the other half the time the medicine works justifies them to keep taking pills. In this case, the "may work" scenario is quite real.

So even if you absolutely knew some of these buttons don't work, you would still benefit from pressing them all.

Did anyone read the hallquist book? I found the review pretty cursory, and didn't see anything actually related to the resurrection itself.


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