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Here's an auditory illusion. You'll hear a different word if your eyes are closed.

It's a Miracle: I wonder if the prayers would have worked without the "ritual of daily surgery and immersion in the hyperbaric chamber"? And if prayer is so effective why not simply pray for his face to be reconstructed and save all the pain and anguish of surgery?

Duh! Because God works in mysterious ways. You atheists are so ignorant of religion!

I thought he merely MOVED in a mysterious way.

But then I am an ignorant, English atheist.

I wonder what little Jake did to so displease God that he contracted his infection in the first place?

That story on Palin's crib notes is interesting. I can see how the hard core Democrats are having fun with this, but how do you think the rest of the public views it?

I assume (maybe incorrectly) that most people who graduated from high school took a public speeking course. Those people probably remember being told they should use an outline, or some other form of notes to keep on track, and not forget important points. Reading your entire speech word for word was a guaranteed 'F'.

No doubt, that's exactly how Andrea Mitchell, and most of her colleagues make their living, so of course they're offended. That said, are they doing the Democratic Party any favors by criticizing her for doing what most speech instructors teach?

Seems like another case of the Democratic Party never missing an opportunity to commit suicide.

Surely the point should be that she criticized Obama for using a teleprompter but used crib notes herself - not, as you say, that there is anything wrong in using notes. I have heard that Churchill would brandish his speech notes as part of the performance. His great friend Lord Birkenhead said "Winston has spent the best years of his life writing impromptu speeches"

The fun is that she needed such simple things written on her hand. It's not like these are statistics that she needed to remember.

The result with voters is probably jus t a bit more polarization. The right thinks she is a regular gal and the media and dems are elitist scum.

70% of voters continue to think that she is a flipping moron and republicans are lying through their teeth when they say otherwise.

Good point Red, we wouldn't want her to pull statistics out of her ass would we ;)

what, you don't like reed's 70% figure? how about this: 100% of the people i know think she's an absolute idiot, although some of them have been deluded into thinking she might be politically useful to the jews.

there's some "hard data" for you.

i bet 100% of intelligent conservative-types on your side of the ponds feel the same way- "ignorant as a swan" but possibly politically useful. she does have great legs. the american conservative's problem (i really don't envy them) is that even whispering this truth might be politically damaging to her- which they don't want, because they know that (horrors) she really does have a chance in 2012, and is in fact already running. between now and then she'll continue to refine her dog-and-pony show with the help of the huge machine she has behind her- in real time, on tv- and if she doesn't fuck it up, the american public (including the lefty's) won't even know what hit them.

For an idiot, she's making a hell of a lot of money! I'm just sayin....

Money = Intelligence, interesting.

i agree with norm. i can't stand that kind of thinking. it's one of the reasons i left the u.s. and became a religious fanatic.

So if you had a special needs child who will be financially dependent on you for the rest of his life, and a very short window of opportunity to make a good deal of money, you would run away instead? Really? Now you're sounding like the idiot.

Are there really only two choices Norm? Either you are intelligent or an idiot? As a master of logical fallacies, I expect better from you ;(

I don't recall making that claim.

Ask your doctor about Aricept.

And I expect you to be charitable in how you interpret what I say. I expect better from you.

You don't need charity.

So if you had a special needs child who will be financially dependent on you for the rest of his life, and a very short window of opportunity to make a good deal of money, you would run away instead? Really? Now you're sounding like the idiot.

Right, because there are former governors rotting away in poor houses all across our country.

Good point Red, we wouldn't want her to pull statistics out of her ass would we ;)

Just rounded because I am working from memory. its actually 71%

Poll reads Palin's palm: no chance in 2012; 71% of Americans don't think she's qualified to be prez

Read more:

replying to syngas above: maybe i'm an idiot, but i really don't get what you're saying. do you mean that palin is "smart" to join the circus when she has a chance to "make a good deal of money" because she has a special needs child? like, she's smart to grab the oppurtunity? if that's what you mean your standards for intelligence are pretty low, or we're talking about a different sort of intelligence (your version seems to be about maternal/paternal instincts, or greed or something).

again: equating the ability or desire to make money with "intelligence" in any meaningful way is stupid, imo. and all the moreso if the person in question has a "gun to their head"- meaning extraordinary circumstances that require more money, like a special needs child. or a gambling debt with "fat tony" on the other end. or whatever.

Don't use quotes when I haven't actually said that. It really pisses me off.

Again, I didn't call her intelligent, I just said she wasn't an idiot. You seem to have the same disease as Norm. Look up the term False Dichotomy.

She probably knows her fifteen minutes of fame are nearing the end. Thankfully, Matthews, Olbermann, Jenson, Couric, Gibbs et al. have extended her fifteen minutes to twenty. Eventually, even those dolts will figure out they're the ones keeping her in the spot light. I'm not going to call her an idiot for providing a financially secure future for her family. If anyone is an idiot here, it's NBC and the Democratic Party.

"70% of voters continue to think that she is a flipping moron"


"71% believe the "Going Rogue" author is not qualified to be President, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll Thursday."

There are plenty of people I don't think are qualified to be president, but that doesn't make them morons. Maybe this will help

try this one

But really though, what do you think keeps those 70% of people from thinkking she is qualified?

She was Gov. Obama was a state senator until 2005 when he got sworn in as US senator.

I would argue that people percieve one of them as smart and the other as not so smart.

I think more, and more, people are concluding Joe was right

Eh, I don't know that alot have criticizm of his competence. His attitude and policies may be in question, but that may be about his competency in selling an agenda.

Not sure that anyone in their right mind would think McCain would be better at that.

Joe is still kind of a crazy person.

i am certainly guilty the overuse of quotes and probably misuse as well. your false dichotomy point is fair, but your essentially setting a trap isn't so fair. look at the thread again. norm and i had every reason to assume that you were equating wealth with intelligence. put together with the fact that i believe that particular "false dichotomy" is a particularly american disease, and your own well-publicized brand of semi-libertarianism, i hope you can see where your sometimes overly terse statements might be misleading.

or at least how a big dummy like me might be misled by them.

A question for Syngas:

Do you think when someone in a political discussion refers to someone as an idiot they're speaking of someone with an IQ of less than 20? When they call someone an imbecile they are making the claim that the person's IQ is 20-50 or if the term is moron they're making the claim that the IQ is 50-70. So why do you play on the ambiguity when someone calls Sarah Palin a moron when you know what they mean is that a statement she made was moronic.

The principle of charity refers to trying to understand the intent of the argument and if there is a question as to what is meant asking before jumping to conclusions.

I'm not sure I understand what motivates you. Either you purposely misinterpret my remarks or you're not as bright as I give you credit for, or perhaps you're just a bit naïve. Take this opportunity and explain yourself if you think I'm getting it wrong.

I think it just served his purpose in his self appointed role as the site's devil's advocate.

I can't do it any more as I am now part of the establishment.

I think when speaking in a political (or polemical) context, the word idiot or moron would mean someone is a fool. I'm not sure which statement you are referring to, but certainly nearly all of us have said something foolish (except maybe Keith Olbermann). It seems foolish for people who do nothing but read teleprompters to criticize Palin (though I understand the motivation). If you'd like some examples of Obama saying foolish things, I'd be happy to help you out ;)

I'm aware of the principal of charity, and you've caught me equivocating. It's a fallacy I'm not clever enough to use very often, so the temptation was just too much for me. I hope you can forgive. You've probably given me more credit than I deserve.

Ah, now you're sounding more like yourself. Sarah Palin has been at the forefront of the silly criticism of the use of a teleprompter. The republicans have promoted it relentlessly as some sort of a character flaw. It is part of the "new politics" where no opportunity to demean and harass is missed.

If Sarah thinks it's a flaw why does she also use a teleprompter (republican convention) and as Jimmy Kimmel put is she now using a Red-neck teleprompter. If Obama had criticized her use of the teleprompter and then used it himself he would also be open to the charge of hypocrisy, but he didn't. Sarah Palin is the worst kind of hypocrite. When we catch someone criticizing others unfairly for what they too do we call them on it.

You're right both Palin and Obama have said foolish things, but I think you would be hard pressed to make the case that there was even a rough equivalence either in number or foolishness.

Sheer number would probably be easy to prove simply because the guy is constantly on TV. That corpseman one gave me quite a chuckle. If only words were always spelled like they sound.

Oh yeah, motivation:

I like to argue - especially with people who are so often wrong ;)

This is what I dislike most about conservatives in America: they will defend even a complete fucking idiot like Sarah Palin. If someone attacks Bill Maher for some moronic stance he has taken (like his opposition to inoculations), I’m not about to defend him. Why must conservatives circle the wagons whenever anyone amongst their ranks utters an utterly indefensible utterance? Anyone not willing to admit the irony of Palin criticizing Obama for using a teleprompter during his talks—which involved fairly complex material—while ignoring Palin’s hand doodles for her childishly simplistic rants is just hopeless.

When you hate everything about conservatives, it doesn't much matter what you hate most about them does it?

Sygas, why don't you teach us all about that "Love Thy Neighbor" stuff. Take a look at the conservative best seller list. Hate seems to be your word, not mine.It really pisses me off when people misquote me (not really, I just thought I'd try out some phony anger).

I haven't read any of the books you're referring to, but I'm pretty sure they're the same as the lefty books of the last ten years or so. I've also been to your blog (though not lately), and hate is indeed the correct word to describe you're attitude toward anyone who disagrees with you. I've experienced it first hand.

I've experienced it first hand.

I have news for you: nothing on the internet is "first hand." I doubt I would even bother to talk to anyone who considers Sarah Palin worthy of their attention. The same reason why I don't argue about religion; it's like arguing about astrology.

And you, of course, are the model of tolerance. One man's hate is another's informed world view. I've taken the trouble to see first-hand the kind of societies I feel America could learn from, the social democracies in Europe. I've visited hospitals here looking for the sort of distopia conservatives talk about when health care is mentioned. Most conservatives would rather just have Rush or Bill O tell them how they should think.


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