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Links With Your Coffee - Friday




I've been using dropbox for several months now. Highly recommend it. It's a quick way to share files, host images and the like.

It's pretty great, now the mainstream media is kind of giving the attention (and derision) the antivaccine movement deserves. The LA Times published and op-ed today about it where they criticize Larry King and 20/20 for giving Jenny McCarthy credibility. I just wish they'd mentioned the big "O" though. She's the worst of all, although Larry King maybe gives McCarthy credibility with a certain sector of the population that Oprah can't.

shhhh. "the big o" has secret minions everywhere. you don't want her as an enemy. neither does the la times.

I'm brave like that.

God on Trial: the prosecution kicks ass.

Thanks so much for linking to my nutjob teapartiers post :)


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