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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday


  • 10 Ways to Stop Corporate Dominance of Politics

  • President Obama: Learn From Mr. Spock!

    President Obama's cool, cerebral, logical style has drawn comparisons to Mr. Spock of Star Trek, as played by Leonard Nimoy in the original series from the 1960s. Like that half-Vulcan, half-human Spock, Obama is a man of two worlds, of White America and Black America, of Kansas and Kenya. Like Spock, he's a careful thinker, a man who measures his words with precision, a man who seems to pride himself in being in control of his emotions.

    Yet perhaps the most telling similarity between fictional Spock and factual Obama is their lack of command experience. Spock was Captain Kirk's loyal first officer. An expert in science, he had no desire to gain the captain's chair. Before he gained the Oval Office, Obama was a community organizer, a law professor, a state senator, and a U.S. senator. Respectable positions, but not ones requiring a command presence.

    Both lack Kirk-like swagger, yet each had to take command. In Spock's case, it came in the Star Trek episode, "The Galileo Seven." His decisions, the criticisms he faces, even his mistakes are uncannily like those of Obama in his first year of office.

  • Homeopaths Admit Expensive Concoctions Just Water

    A public mass overdose of homeopathic remedies has forced the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths to admit openly that their products do not contain any "material substances". Council spokeswoman Mary Glaisyer admitted publicly that "there´s not one molecule of the original substance remaining" in the diluted remedies that form the basis of this multi-million-dollar industry.
    (tip to Reed)
  • GOP Calls for Rematch
  • God Was On Everybody's Side
  • The Story Behind Our Photo of Grieving Chimps (tip to Jason)
  • Paul Krugman Trashes Fox News CEO Roger Ailes to His Face: 'Deliberate Misinformation' Krugman:
    "People did not know what was in the [health care] plan, and some of that was just poor reporting, some of it was deliberate misinformation."



Krugman rails against Glenn Beck, and Beck will just use it to play martyr to his dumbass peeps. It may even be cause for more shed tears.

Re: Learning from Mr Spock. Yes, it is true that sometimes Hail Mary plays work. More often they do not. I read an interesting appraisal once comparing the management styles of Captains Kirk and Picard and what that style of management meant in the corporate world. The conclusion was that the Kirk style of ad hoc improvisation (emulated by Spock in the episode described) would inevitably lead to bankruptcy. Picard always solicits advice before making a decision and that was preferred. Ask yourself: under which Captain would you want to serve as a security officer?

Funny how O is usually criticized for being Spock. Whatever on this episode - maybe Howard Zimm should get a post mortem say in this deal. Or O could be more like Picard. I wouldn't mind some bold steps in the direction of where no president has dared to go, though.

I like Korten's suggestions regarding the elimination of corporate influence; I hope this gets a wider audience. Good luck with ending corporate entities as "persons."

Well, let's just hope for the best in this "episode" :)


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