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Hitchens Discussion

AN interesteing discussion for those waiting for the weekend to start.



thanks, will watch later. I really don't care for the freaking Olympics.

pretty boring.

it's so funny to see hitchins,with his accent, perfect king's english and historical understanding, say that jewishness is matrilinial "according to mosaic law, the nuremeburg laws, and the law of return."

3 strikes your out! the dangers of polemical overexcitement. one would think, given his own situation vis-a-vis jewish matralinial descent that he would be a bit more careful with his words. or, say, a LOT more careful. or is it possible he still hasn't bothered to "look it up"?

in case anyone's curious, jewishness is matralinial ONLY according to the rabbis- not mosaic law, not the nuremburg laws, and not the law of return, either.

yeah, next thing you'll be saying that orthodox jews do not fuck through a hole in a sheet.


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