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HitchBitch Vs. the Decalogue

Hitchens did a wonderful Job of destroying the Ten commandments in this lovely talk from last June. I really do encourage anyone trying to debate JB to give it a listen, or read. Like I said of the commandments on a recent post, what child couldn't come up with the good ones and what thoughtful adult couldn't greatly improve upon all the silly ones.

Unfortunately though, we can't do this by amending this book, because slavery, genocide, and the rape and torture of children are not merely not denounced in the first five books of the Old Testament, they are rather very enthusiastically recommended. So if we search for ways of doing the right thing, we're consulting the wrong book and we're looking for morality in all the wrong places. Perhaps though, there is still something to be salvaged and if so, it might be found in the long, vainglorious, menacing throat-clearings of the very first commandment. We might give some real thought to the prohibition on the making of idols and of images, we might do well to stop forging manacles with our own minds, and setting up impressions and images of ourselves as if they were divine and rarefied and supernatural. We might cease to make whips for our own backs; we might stop making tyrants and despots in our own image. We have rights as well as duties in respect to one another, and as one can intuit from Thomas Paine, in order to safeguard and enjoy the rights of man, we shall require a new age of reason. Thank you.

Download the mp3 , or read the written transcript.



reed, i'm flattered that you think people might need to turn to a big gun like hitchens to debate lil' ol' me. i would say on the other hand, that it's a shame most of you folks aren't conversant in scripture itself or the rabbinic commentaries, because this is really helpful if you want to see just how clever and witty hitchens is. he tries to dumb it down a bit for his scripturally uneducated audience but take it from me- there are hidden levels of wit (and also logical/historical errors) in this speech understandable only to students of "holy writ".

all i wanted to say is that "hitchbitch" (love it!) really is even more clever and witty than you think. his is the genetically modified, revved up, fully tricked-out wilde of our time. he makes being a gigantic jerk look attractive. really enjoyed this transcript (couldn't be bothered to deal with the mp3). thanks. and to think i first heard about him on 1gm. sniff. i'm not worthy.

Just want to make sure that folks go into battle with the proper arms.

This talk is on youtube (sans actual video) if listen to it that way is easier.


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