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Gypsy's 3 nice surprises

So I had this idea for a theme and it did not work out. It's way easier just to give you recommendations for 3 pieces that grabbed my attention and/or inspired me in some way. Have a great weekend!

Antonín Dvořak The Golden Spinning Wheel performed by the Czech Philharmonic led by Jiří Bělohlávek. When I heard this on the radio a few years back, I had to have this piece. This piece is on youtube in 3 parts; here's pt. 1; you can go on from there.

Gustav Holst The Planets; my recording is Sir Adrian Boult conducting the London Phil (not sure if the one on Amazon is the same, remastered, or what, but the cover art is cooler). When I was a student at Eastern Music Festival, the faculty orchestra performed this and I knew that music performance was the way I wanted to go. Sometimes I wonder if this experience turned out OK! (basically - yes it did). I'm connecting you to Venus because that's the movement when the crazy, half-baked revelation came to me.

Samuel Barber Piano Concerto, Op. 38, performed by John Browning (for whom it was written) and the St. Louis Symphony under the baton of Leonard Slatkin. I played in the orchestra while an undergrad for one of the concerto competition winners. Man, that was a lonnnng time ago. I think this live recording of Anny Hwang at the keyboard is great place to start.



By the way, does anyone know the key combination for the slavic "r"? I want that diacritical mark!

You can use ampersand # 345 ; I fixed it. Did I get it right?

Looks good Norm. I think I'll try it with Belohlávik. Do the characters need to go in succession, or do I need to hold something down? I can't get it in the reply box.

they all go together ampersand#thenumbersemicolon.

Look at your post and you'll see how it's done. Of course there is a different code for each letter with accent.

Thanks for this. It works with "r"s but not the e. Plus it doesn't show in the box but does on the page. Gotta trust that it'll work! ;~)

Gracias Norm. I used to have list for everything except scandinavian o/ and the slavic r, and grad school profs weren't that picky, so I was lazy and didn't search hard. Later I did seek but did not find - probably still lazy. I'll be bookmarking this spot for future reference.

Venus? I prefer Jupiter.

PS: Is it the version with or without Pluto ;-)

I like Jupiter too. When I got to play piccolo on this work later in life, I supposedly came in confidently enough to save a drifting orchestra, but that's all hearsay. Just cause the revelation came in Venus doesn't mean I didn't dig other movements.

For once I'd like to recommend a contemporary (independent!) composer that has recently released a fantastic new album: Calling all Dawns by Christopher Tin. I bought it last week and I just can't stop listening to it.

danger - more money to spend! But I'll try and find this online for everyone.

It's available on iTunes for those interested.


Well, it's also available on the linked composer's website. And you can preview a good deal of it.



Mr. Tin doesn't seem, well, classical, not even potential material. Is the the new insipidity? I thought one could not go lower than Goreckiesque Adamsoid lugubrious 1980s minimalism! But now Afropop without the groove. yecchhh!


You should take a turn as guest weekly 3. Like when I'm out of town! Or you can keep making suggestions and I put them all together ;~).

Nice interpretation of the Revolutionary etude. So weird to have Mr. R leaning on the piano the whole time, though. He was also a sinfonian (member of Phi Mu Alpha, the men's professional music fraternity).


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