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Craig n' Fry



Thanks, I forgot to record this.

no problem, This is just a clip I believe. I will have to look for the full episode to get posted.

What a great discussion. I often forget to check the CF replays; thanks for posting this. Meanwhile on NBC, they are preparing for the return for Leno's hour long seance with Henny Youngman.

Gracias R7. The first time I saw that promo run, I was wondering how it was going to be satirized... That was pretty elegant.

That's hilarious. It seems NBC/Leno can't do anything for him without backfiring. The original commercial with "Get Back" is pretty douchey.

"Hey let's invite Jimmy Kimmel to be at 10 @ 10 after he mocked me the hole hour of his show by dressing up like me and making purposely bad jokes, just to show I'm a good sport, he'll surely behave when it's face to face".

"Oh gee, that backfired, you know what, let's go cry on Oprah's shoulder"



"The video you have requested is either unavailable or is being blocked by an Ad blocker installed in your browser."

(And I have no ad blocker)

This is my first time using CBS video. Try another browser and see if it helps

I did. Got the same thing. It's probably because I'm in Canada.

It comes through OK in the UK.

Check out the canadian tips in the forum string I started on the watching videos abroad. I think they are daily show specific.


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