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An Inventory of the Invisible - John Lloyd

tip to Pedantsareus



This seems somewhat pointless. He counts things you can "see" in your mind but not things that require a telescope like galaxies. He complains about religious debates without a definition of terms, but I can't tell what he means by visible.

Maybe he should have had someone look at his talk before he gave it.

Oh dear, RedSeven. It appeared to be a joke to tide over everyone at TED.

Though the questions why are we here and and what should we do about it undermine a good deal of the sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry contribute to the first; Psychology, Medicine, and Philosophy contribute to the latter more so - some interlap between).

Take it for what it was: a laugh though with some inaccuracies.

I got that it was a joke. The inconsistencies kept me from laughing.

Yes, David. John Lloyd has a long pedigree in Britain - for comedy and satire on radio and TV. Apart from Blackadder and The Hitchiker's Guide he is now producer and initiator of QI, Stephen Fry's quiz which Norm has kindly posted clips of recently.

Rgarding the Science - Philosophy relationship, I like the quotation attributed to Leszek Kolakowski: "The relation between science and philosophy is like the symbiotic relationship between the countryside and town. The former provides the latter with food receiving garbage in return."

My feeling is that Science should ask questions about "What" and "How". The "Why" questions belong to Metaphysics.

Why is the sky blue? and How do you feel about it?

"we can't see energy"

I argue that energy is the only thing we see. LIGHT is energy, goddamit!

Sorry, Andyo, but you can only see things when light hits them, or when they emit light. Light enables us to see things, but we can't actually see the photons.

we see them collectively.

What the hell does it even mean to see something?

great comments, thanks pedantsareus. really enjoyed the clip- it's not, like, "lol" but rather consistently engaging. i love people who just throw out interesting facts and ideas and stories with no real attempt to draw any conclusions. i really loved his contextual comedic use of that wittgenstein quote at the end. the one from auden was already known to me.

btw, pedantsareus: one of my best friends here in the levant is a proud mancunian. (did i spell that right?) he's been raving to me for what seem like years about "blackadder" and how i absolutely MUST see it, etc., although i still haven't had a chance. if this guy has something to do with that show, maybe i can appease my friend by telling him i saw this clip?

thanks again.

I appreciate the comments, Jonathan. If you want to experience some of the Blackadder phenomenon you should use Youtube:

Here's a starter:


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