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Things Look Bad and Robertson Knows Why

As if what we are seeing emerge from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake wasn't terrible enough, I spotted this vile piece of hatred in the news feed. It really does take ones breath away to think someone that thinks of themselves as a moral leader wold be such an immoral bastard. When so many are dead, many still suffer while buried, and the survivors wander the street, powerless to do much of anything, this is just despicable beyond imagining.

From Huffington Post:

4:00 PM ET: Pat Robertson says Haiti 'cursed' -- Speaking on the Christian Broadcasting Network's "The 700 Club" today, the conservative televangelist offered the following outrageously insensitive thoughts on the tragedy, our Media editor Danny Shea reports:

"Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. They were under the heal of the French. You know, Napoleon the third, or whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, we will serve you if you will get us free from the French. True story. And so, the devil said, okay it's a deal."

I like Maggie Koerth-Baker's post on the comment over at Boing Boing

A friend of mine suggests those who want to follow the humanitarian response to the Haiti earthquake monitor ReliefWeb and AlertNet. Any international non-governmental organization (NGO) that is posting situation reports on their activites on the ground in Haiti is a good candidate for your contributions.

Partners in Health is based in Haiti and on the ground. Medicines, doctors and nurses are the most needed.

Red Cross has set up a simple system by which you can text them and a $10 contribution will be charged to your phone bill. Simply Text HAITI to 90999 from your phone and $10 will be given to the Red Cross International Relief Fund. For more info, visit

I hope you all are inspired to do something to help. I hope the inspiration comes from your humanity rather than Robertson's lack, but either works



If you have an Amazon account, you can donate quickly and easily through them.

well said and done, reed.

i think a world with voodoo is much more interesting than a world without it. and as for deals with the devil- where would we be without them?

anyone know where pat robinson lives? if it's l.a., maybe we can at least hope he'll get a taste of his own medicine.

i don't even have a credit card, or any way to help these people. my gov't is doing (as always) what it can. i urge one and all to do what they can to save these HUMANS from the wrath of god. (yes they are scum, but so are we all, and we're in it together.) and pat robinson can go fuck himself.

Hey, I'm in LA!

oh, sorry, so i'll pray for one of those "asshole-specific" quakes that will leave you and your loved ones untouched. hope you're not too close to hollywood tho. :)

anyone know where pat robinson lives? if it's l.a., maybe we can at least hope he'll get a taste of his own medicine.

Our Robinson (poster) lives in LA; but Pat Robertson? Well, his Christian Broadcast Network is located in Robertson's (eek - and my) home state - in Virginia Beach, VA. Don't know if he lives there year round.

Robertson has shown he's an asshole (yes, very good tag Reed!) on more than one occasion. I wonder just what he think Jesus of Nazareth did in his adult life - poke fingers at every sinner (real or imagined) or associate with them? So-called Christians should be calling out this man.

"under the HEAL of the French"??

Never met a french doctor?

He thinks all frenchies wear heels.

I am surprised that I have no seen anyone else read more deeply into the xenophobia and racism in Robertson's statement. What I got form it is that he thinks that Haiti, a country of blacks, was ordained by god to be controlled by whites. The only way they could have thrown off their god-blessed shackles of virtual white enslavement was by making a deal with the devil.

Doctors Without Borders is where I gave and they have a very good rating on Charity Navigator.

But, I just wanted to say how incredibly evil and hateful I think that comment was and how I love the new(?) tag "assholes."

It's important to keep this business organized

Danny knows the real reason - revealed near the end of the clip.

Uhmmm, He just lists another threat to these people. He doesn't say that global warming causes earthquakes.

I have been curious if temperature has any impact on earthquakes, given this Quake occurred right after a north American cold snap turned to a warm up.

But regardless, Climate change clearly is a threat to all these island nations. Haiti has been hit by four Hurricanes this year.

Yes Red, and many children are diagnosed with autism soon after being vaccinated ;-}

So, a causal link between temperatures and hurricanes has not been established?

You mean because hurricane season corresponds with summer?

Warmer water meaning stronger Hurricanes?

Show me the stats please.

That is only cites those hurricanes that strike the united state. It could be true that stronger storms are less likely to be turned north by prevailing winds.

Also, what type of airplanes did they use to record the wind speed and observe the eye of the storm in 1851 to ensure they weren't counting every tropical storm?

No, actually I meant the actual cause for hurricanes forming. Temperature changes and all that.

That's a neat trick Andyo, the third link was hilarious!

What trick? I suppose you mean this link, which is now fourth? I was hoping you would actually look for relevant info on why hurricanes form, like I explicitly explained in my post, but again, you're picking and choosing what you think is ridiculous? By the way, did you read this part of the link you're (presumably) ridiculing?

It is the temperature difference between the ocean surface and the upper atmosphere. The higher that temperature difference, the more hurricanes will form, and the stronger they will be.

That's exactly what I meant. Temperature and hurricane formation have a causal relationship. That's not even controversial. Autism and vaccines do not.

Yeah, we covered that in 7th grade. Thankfully, Mr. Thorson was wise enough to tell us there's a lot more to it than that. The autism comment was facetious.

Well yeah, keep moving the goalposts now. What was my claim, and what did you imply with that analogy?

If you were just joking, it was meaningless. If you were sarcastic, it didn't support your position. If it was a snark... that's the one that makes more sense actually.

Too bad you didn't ask about this before I had an Oceans Scientist on the phone.

The data in that article largely seems to deal with the Western Specific and a cooling trend in that one region. Not sure How that would be relevant to the Carribean Islands.

but yes it is possible I suppose that Ocean currents could change and end hurricanes altogether. But so far the opposite seems likely.

Note the surface temperature from NSF

But your observation dos have validity

Summarizing: Up to now no upwards trend in strength and/or occurrence in hurricane activity has been observed. However: Based on model studies quoted above the intensity of hurricanes is expected to increase. On the other hand: Their occurrence is not expected to increase.

From my perspective Andyo, you've put yourself in a bit of a pickle. You accept unconditionally that more heat = more hurricane activity, yet if you've read Reed's links, you know hurricane activity has been going down for the last 30 years.

Are you saying hurricane activity statistics disprove global warming? One of the tenets of your faith is clearly wrong, now which one is it?

A lot of climate scientists are on Andyo's side.

The leading thought is that warmer weather causes stronger storms and stronger storms consume more warmth and moisture, reducing the number of storms.

But regardless of the overall trend it is true that individual storms gain strength from the warmth of the water that they pass over.

The article I point out that the water is clearly warmer.

What are the tenets of your faith? Just curious. Do you think the huge population of mankind and the changes it has made to the environment have had no effect on the planet? Do you think, yes, there have been changes but they have nothing to do with the weather changes? Do you think there are no weather changes and so mankind should just plow ahead and do whatever? Do you think these are weather changes that were going to happen anyway so there's nothing we can do about it so again - keep on the route you're going? Do you think we should make changes, but any changes we make quickly will be so devestating to the economy that we need to move really slowly?

Just curious whether you have a point of view, Syngas.

Humans are lying, greedy, selfish, power hungry, hate-filled, jealous, vain, insecure, ungrateful creatures. Be careful about giving them your freedom.

Oil Corporations already have that freedom and switching over to energy sources that can be micro generated rather than pulled from the earth via some enormous corporate infrastructure will only make me more free.

You've been free to do that your entire life Red, but that's not really what you want is it? What you really want is for others to be forced to behave the way you think they should behave. You think that will make you content, but discontent can never be extinguished by the outside world, and so we have progressivism.

I will just hop on a train then,

oh, no wait....

I mean I will go plug my reliable car in...

Oh, no wait....

I mean I will buy an easily affordable mass produced solar cell..

Maybe soon...

Sorry, I didn't see this reply. See again what I claimed. I wasn't even talking about global warming vs. hurricanes.

There is a causal relationship between temperature (changes) and any individual hurricane, therefore it's not unreasonable to link temperature with hurricanes and make your hypothesis.

I happen to think GW is affecting weather patterns including hurricane formation, but that was not the point, and this is the first post in which I've expressed it. the point was that your statement, which seemed like a snarky response to Red7's comment as if you thought somehow that hypothesizing about GW and hurricane formation, and vaccines and autism, are just as absurd.

There's something grammatically wrong with that last sentence but hopefully it's understandable.

Interesting...but I was actually talking about your tenets (trying to use the same terms you used) toward global warming/climate change...

Sounds like a good forum topic Jill.

Okay - I started one. I accidentally put it under humor/satire. (I forget that the topic comes up with whatever you were looking at before that...)

I really would like to know what you think. I haven't talked to anyone who doesn't believe in climate change but I know it's a stance some people are taking (I believe it is somewhat split along political lines for some reason but, I could be wrong there...)

More believable than God and the Devil.


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