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The War on Science: 32000 Scientists



without trying to defend "big tobacco" (god forbid- you can write on my tombstone they contributed directly to my early demise) i must continue to call out blatant agitprop when i see it. i don't appreciate being treated like an idiot and whoever made this video should be ashamed of themselves. "scientists" motivated by filthy lucre are all over both sides of this story, and the perfidy of this particular pissant on this particular side of the story has no relevance to the obvious fact that the inhalation of burning particulate matter is unhealthy for people and other living things.

So you only think there is a problem with lying when n its good enough to trick smart people?

But the lies here aren't about tricking anyone. Its about manufacturing a debate so the Government can't act, so rich people can continue to make themselves rich for a little while longer.

then we certainly agree on this, at least. i'd just like to see the "good guys" be a little smarter, and not treat people like they're so stupid that the whole issue must be boiled down to "the story of one evil man's greed" for consumption by the masses. in fact, there's plenty of good anti-tobacco industry stuff out there, including whole movies, for all levels of intelligence. killing the poor for profit, or getting them addicted to something both useless and harmful, is an old story, it's not exactly a secret.

I'm curious: What is the "filthy lucre" that is motivating anti-Big Tobacco or pro-AGW scientists? Are they on the Nicorette payroll? Are they members of the Clean Air Manufacturers Association? Honestly. I don't see any profit potential behind global warming science, and some scientists actually jeapordized their careers by opposing Big Tobacco. Indeed, even Dr. Seitz's career was jeapordized and he was ON THEIR SIDE.

Hmmmm...that is interesting. I have long complained that the proposed "solution" to AGW -- carbon trading -- is no solution at all & will only make the banksters richer, but I never suspected the scientists themselves of being behind such a scheme. It's worth noting, however, that Dr. Pachauri isn't a climatologist; his doctorate is in economics. How he got to be the head of the IPCC puzzles me. It's also worth noting that the Telegraph seems to be the only publication covering the story, and Dr. Pachauri has issued a flat denial, neither of which necessarily mean anything.

government is itself a business. anti-tobacco legislation is fundamentally populist in nature, meaning votes. and do you think the money theoretically saved in health care is going back into your pocket?

do you think the money theoretically saved in health care is going back into your pocket?

No, but it's not going into anti-Big Tobacco scientists pockets either. I mean, even CBS News was afraid to take on Big Tobacco.

you can write on my tombstone they contributed directly to my early demise ... i don't appreciate being treated like an idiot

You don't feel a bit uncomfortable with these two statements standing so close together?

good point. my being an idiot, however, is my business, seperate from my being TREATED like one. if we all were treated like what we actually are, it would be real ugly.

You are aren't being treated like an idiot, you are being protected like an idiot.

It's like seat belts for good drivers.

i just don't want crooked lawyers, pr firms, "scientists" or anyone else with their hands in the kitty making dumb agitprop videos telling me what i already know, and potentially turning off those who don't.

don't smoke, kids, it's bad for ya. pay no attention to the men behind the propaganda machines on either side.

This video isn't really about smoking, you know.

Could have fooled me!

Why does every documentary-style video feels the need to emulate TV-news-style usage of barely relevant stock footage?

I am reminded of Religulous, where near the end there was this long montage of explosions and shit; I started to forget what the point of the whole video was.

Don't get me wrong, it is nice to see facts stated and misinformation debunked. I just wish people would use less moronic methods of presentation. I guess "not moronic" and "exciting" are considered mutually exclusive concepts? (Scary lung cancer! Dun dun dunnn!)

PS: It's the capitalist system. Everyone is on the dole. Who do you want telling you what you know? The homeless?

Everyone is on the dole.

i think you mean "on the take".

when everyone is "on the dole" that's a socialist system. at least that's what my homeless teabagger friends tell me. :)

I think of "on the Take" as meaning stealing from a system. I think of "on the Dole" as being paid by a government or system.

Dole is often meant to mean welfare or some similar circumstance.

Neither is a perfect fit, and yet both apply to some extent.

"on the take" means accepting bribery or payments to go against your own concience or obligations. "on the dole" is as you said, but less relevant to a purely capitalist system.

i think you're confused. or maybe i am, correct me if i'm wrong please.

So Seitz was on big tobacco's side and co-workers deemed him mentally incompetent during this time. This didn't raise any warning signs?


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