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The Great Disappointment

"I'll take the awe of knowledge over the awe of ignorance any day."
-Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

Thanks to Pedantsareus who never disappoints.



The 2nd Coming - so both the women and the curly haired man were correct after all!

New slogan? I tried attending the rapture and all I got were these pre-worn t-shirts.

BOTH the women?

I only noticed one woman on the show, and I watched it all the way through.

Guess what? I type like shit. I have double check every gypsy's picks. I promise that I do spell well, but when I'm in a hurry, if my fingers go plural while my mind goes single, I may miss. So sorry, it's supposed to read "both the woman and the curly-haired man..."

It've been better if I were familiar with them and knew their names, but alas, I do not.


Just for future reference - as if!

Woman - Jo Brand, Curly haired man - Alan Davies, Chairman - Stephen Fry, Blue shirt man - David Mitchell, Man with spectacles - Sean Lock.

For interest - did you know that there is a rule of TV panel games that states if the panel members total 4 there may be no more than 1 woman present, if there are 6 members 2 women may be present, but only one may be a recognised comedian, the other should be a presenter, model, actress etc (so as not to pose too much of a threat to the male comedians)?


I do know Fry but not the rest. I get my TV from the web,and mostly here at 1gm, so I'l generally be ignorant of any tv personality. Unless, of course, they make the cover of a tabloid on display by the checkout line.

And are you sure that rule doesn't apply to the news?;~)

wait - do you want to add the extra "l"or should I??

No, happy to be of any service. Besides, I live in the UK so I was fast abeddy-byes when you posted that one. And I wouldn't expect you to know UK comedians anyhow. Do you have multi panels of newsreaders in the USA? The most we get here is 2 - almost always an equal opportunity male/female pairing.

I tried attending the rapture and all I got were these pre-worn t-shirts.

That is a definite winner! You really should have some made - I think they'd sell. I really do wish god would get this rapture thing underway for all the people who believe in it. For those of us 'left behind' - well, the country's IQ would rise by 20 points.

Another call for merchandising.

Time to call raygun. Not to mention Des Moines will probably be the sight of the rapture! We are at the crossroads of 80 (sin cities route) and 35 (St. Paul, MN to the south: baptism and catholicism).

Isn't it supposed to be only 144000 or so people? Not nearly enough to impact the average.

Damn you reply system.

Was replying to Tim.

Who said anything about 144,000 ☺ I said "for all the people who believe in it". What do I care if only 144,000 get to actually spend eternity time slobbering of the exalted one?

Uhhh.. that should have said, ...What do I care if only 144,000 get to actually spend eternity slobbering over the exalted one?

Anyone else getting a blank page after signing in with movable type and Firefox (3.6 here)? I can go back and I'll be signed in so it's no big deal, but it doesn't happen with IE, and it happens on other sites too.

damn you, reply system! I thought there wasn't a "replying to comment from Tim" message. This was not a reply, it was a general comment.

this is a sign: the end is upon us.


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