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I give Obama a 12.

12? out of what? 10? Donna Brazile, his own democratic strategist only gives him a B.

No, not out of 10.

But now that I think about it more, I five him a 23.

"But now that I think about it more, I five him a 23."

aargh. i don't even know what that means.

well he still gets a fist bump from me for effort. sadly that may not be enough.

(Brazile, btw, i have only seen her a few times, doesn't seem all that savvy. putting yourself out there the eve of a failing election campaign and robotically predicting victory for Cloakley (you can almost hear Stephanopoulos' jaw hit the desk) really makes her out to be a fool - there is no strategic advantage to ignoring reality, no matter brave you want to appear; i have never heard her say anything of any consequence on those interviews. A leader is only as good as his/her advisors; maybe Obama should have followed Lincoln here and picked a Republican strategist. Could not be much worse.

The whole thing was me joking about how silly it is to give Obama a number or grade. You took the bait way too well.

Too much kool-aid on the Kool-aid drinking?


i say he should be promoted and allowed to wear full tartan kilt at all state occasions.

yeah, you got me. it's the caffeine actually- kool-aid for grown-ups

but seriously, i'ld like to know what you think of Brazile.

Brazile is a bright woman. She isn't a Journalist. I think the issue that she is paid to be an insider but other than her role at the DNC I don't know who she works for. Leaves her sort of on her own.

There is a complicated web of folks spinning Mass pretty hard in every direction. I am sure it was easier for her to say they she thought there was a win coming than to take sides in the blame game.


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