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Star Wars Made in France



It this the TV special no one wants to talk about?

Anyway, I see your French Star Wars, and I raise you an Indian Superman.

Oh my!

Italian Spiderman has an impervious paunch - everyone should eat more hoagies and drink more lattes!

He could have been played by a young Maynard Ferguson.

Oh no no no.. the Christmas TV Special is... horrible.. as in you really honestly cannot believe how reallllly bad it is.

Imagine this... a grandpa wookie spends three minutes alone looking at his new gift box (no english), then he opens it slowly and it is a hologram of a scantily clad human female... that dances badly for ten looooong minutes, cut to aroused look on grandpa wookie, cut back to dancer, repeat, repeat, repeat.

We watched it as a group as a joke and we simply could not sit through it. I think it is 90 minutes of that stuff.

ok, some youtube Star Wars Holiday Special: (the first ten minutes)

watch as wookies howl (sans english) for 5 minutes, then go to 8:00 to see how much a simple audo/visual experience can scar your brain.

Play this at Gitmo.

Whoa - the poster's description of "another Indian Superman" made me laugh as much as the video. Nice blend of swing and disco moves - and when Superman's airborne, his right arm is always extended. Never let passion overtake duty1

LOL - but almost 7 minutes worth? shew! 4 colors and some classical dancing mixed in - the complete message?

It is quality French media like this that led to France having universal health care.

In the United American States, we instead had the "unspeakable" Star Wars Holiday Special that you spoke of (which can be found at ). It was so badly awful and gave "Life Day" such an awfully bad reputation, that we backlashed against life. Thus, our healthcare industry today.

Have you seen this review of the Star Wars prequels?

Much better than the actual movies, and I agree with all he's saying.

Does the French Star Wars add a new dimension to coming to the dark side? C3PO manages to resist temptation in the end...or does one stay behind?

I am very proud to be french today, for the first time in my life. Those jewels make me proud. (although this one is 20 years old)

That was just dreadful!

Anyway MST3K fans who need an excuse to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special on YouTube, synch it with the mp3 from:

I hate to admit it, but shit like this really makes me envy you boomers. If only I had been old enough to enjoy the 70's... clearly the drugs were incredible.


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