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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




JD Salinger is dead. Does this mean they will finally release the dozens of novels he had hidden away while secretly writing all these years?

Oh please, oh please...

Or it may just mean that he's finally got his wish, to be left alone.

Not if you keep on about him even after he's dead. Bugger, now I've done it.

Re: Fox News

Given the existence of a network that works the way Fox does, I actually wouldn't expect any other result.

Fox's basic MO is catering to the authoritarian impulses of a public that fears change and wants to be reassured by authority figures.

Basically, left leaning people in the U.S. are more likely to be skeptical of even their own outlets than are the lovers of dogma and authority that inhabit the right. (Generally speaking. There are notable exceptions.)

Unfortunately, this leads to the "herding cats" mentality that often accompanies people who reject authoritarian guidance.

@Zaphod: Actually he's already been releasing those for years under the unlikely pen names of JK Rowling and Dan Brown. If sales figures aren't considered an appropriate way to measure art then... corporate sponsorship of literature departments is sadly overdue. Market solve! Market solve!

As regards Fox News being trusted, I guess it's because the only people who trust any news channel to be entirely fair and balanced in their reporting (and thus 'trustworthy') are the twits who watch Fox. Most people who watch CNN and MSNBC do so firm in the knowledge that a lot of it is bollocks and it's a necessary evil. Or so I hope.

"...While only 30 percent of Democrats said they [trusted Fox News]."

Christ alive! Trust it to do what? It it were a person I'd 'trust it' to eat me when the food supply ran out.

But Duncan, what is "trust" but an expectation of behavior. We have different perspectives on Fox News as far as trust goes. I do not for a second believe that if Fox were a person there would need to be a food shortage for them to cook and eat me. Possibly not cook.


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