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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday


  • Just when you thought things couldn't get worse Justices Block Key Part of Campaign Law

  • Weekly Ezine for Democrats
  • Seven Essential Elements of Quantum Physics
    1) Particles are waves, and vice versa. Quantum physics tells us that every object in the universe has both particle-like and wave-like properties. It's not that everything is really waves, and just sometimes looks like particles, or that everything is made of particles that sometimes fool us into thinking they're waves. Every object in the universe is a new kind of object-- call it a "quantum particle" that has some characteristics of both particles and waves, but isn't really either.

    Quantum particles behave like particles, in that they are discrete and (in principle) countable. Matter and energy come in discrete chunks, and whether you're trying to locate an atom or detect a photon of light, you will find it in one place, and one place only.

    Quantum particles also behave like waves, in that they show effects like diffraction and interference. If you send a beam of electrons or a beam of photons through a narrow slit, they will spread out on the far side. If you send the beam at two closely spaced slits, they will produce a pattern of alternating bright and dark spots on the far side of the slits, as if they were water waves passing through both slits at once and interfering on the other side. This is true even though each individual particle is detected at a single location, as a particle. . .

    Get How to Teach Physics to Your Dog it's great.

  • Professor Is a Label That Leans to the Left
    The overwhelmingly liberal tilt of university professors has been explained by everything from outright bias to higher I.Q. scores. Now new research suggests that critics may have been asking the wrong question. Instead of looking at why most professors are liberal, they should ask why so many liberals — and so few conservatives — want to be professors.

    A pair of sociologists think they may have an answer: typecasting. Conjure up the classic image of a humanities or social sciences professor, the fields where the imbalance is greatest: tweed jacket, pipe, nerdy, longwinded, secular — and liberal. Even though that may be an outdated stereotype, it influences younger people’s ideas about what they want to be when they grow up.

    (tip to Jamie)

  • Joe "Vote 60" No Mo'

  • Obama's Angel and Devil



Wow, that supreme court ruling is terrible. I think I may vomit. We are watching the undoing of our democracy.

They just reset the clock on American democracy back to 1906.

Remember those good old days when the would call up the national guard to go shoot citizens for fighing for better wages?

Agreed. The largest problem with our election system is the influence of money. The court just contributed to the largesse and more candidates owned by $.

Olbermann was right. We should be marching in the streets over this ruling.

We should be marching in the streets over this ruling.

We should have been marching in the streets when the Patriot Act became law. We should have been marching in the streets when the Bush Admin made up lies in order to start a war in Iraq, resulting in the deaths of over a million people. We should have been marching in the streets when we realized how much the Saudis were involved in 9/11 and how much Bush and Co were involved with the Saudis. We should have been marching in the streets when billions of tax dollars were handed to corporate executives and Wall Street fat-cats. We should have been marching in the streets when the same corporate interests Obama was supposed to be fighting against were the biggest contributors to his campaign. We should have been marching in the streets when...

ooooh, marching in the streets! that sounds sexy! i'm there! let's all broadcast our disconnect from reality and get beaten and arrested for our trouble by a repressive and ubersneaky regime that's been in place since the DAWN OF TIME! bwaaahaaaaahaaahaaa!!!

where's my damn meds....


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