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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

  • U.S. weapons revealed to have secret Biblical messages
    This is stunning, really, until you realize this is the U.S. we're talking about, the U.S. military, which is heavily Christianized, until, that is, you grasp the connection between U.S. militarism and Christian theocratism, both of which are central to a certain interpretation of the the American project.
    (tip to Brian)

    (tip to Chris)
  • TRAILHEAD by E. O. Wilson
  • The Trailhead Queen was dead. At first, there was no overt sign that her long life was ending: no fever, no spasms, no farewells. She simply sat on the floor of the royal chamber and died. As in life, her body was prone and immobile, her legs and antennae relaxed. Her stillness alone failed to give warning to her daughters that a catastrophe had occurred for all of them. She lay there, in fact, as though nothing had happened. She had become a perfect statue of herself. While humans and other vertebrates have an internal skeleton surrounded by soft tissue that quickly rots away, ants are encased in an external skeleton; their soft tissues shrivel into dry threads and lumps, but their exoskeletons remain, a knight’s armor fully intact long after the knight is gone. Hence the workers were at first unaware of their mother’s death. Her quietude said nothing, and the odors of her life, still rising from her, signalled, I remain among you. She smelled alive.
  • Funny Science Videos
  • John Travolta to Airlift Desperately Needed E-Meters to People of Haiti (tip to Patrick)



John Travolta to Airlift Desperately Needed E-Meters to People of Haiti

So no revelation after the church killed his son? How much of a fucking fruitcake can you be.

funny science videos

I got through three of them and none were funny. Did anyone actually find one that made you laugh at all?

[ok, kissing the PCR machine was kinda funny, but it was a long video to only have that one kinda funny moment]

[I also have to admit that I didn't read the captions before watching, so I thought they were just gonna be jokes. when I realized the first one was an ad for bio-rad, they were all automatically less funny]

"U.S. weapons revealed to have secret Biblical messages"

Try New Zealand

another take on the bible quote/sniper scope issue:

apparantly the idf uses these too and was quite surprised to find references to christian scripture on it's battle gear.

much of the the discussion seems to center around not just scratching them off but REPLACING them with "appropriate" verses from jewish scripture. the blogger here suggests the verse from ezekiel made famous in "pulp fiction"-

"and i will execute great vengeance upon them..." etc.

isn't religion fun?


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