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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday


  • The Other L-Word
    Since, like, the 60s, and definitely since Clueless, one word has been, like, everywhere. Hitchens examines the, like, unstoppable onslaught of “like.”i

  • Weekly Ezine for Democrats

  • No Atheists Need Apply (tip to Peter)
    In my lifetime (and I am now astonishingly old) I've witnessed dramatic declines in social and institutional biases against women, racial minorities, and gay people. When I applied to law school in 1971, sex discrimination in higher education was still legal and relatively respectable (Title IX, the federal equal education law, was enacted in '72), courts were still arguing about the application of landmark civil rights laws (see, Griggs v Duke Power Co.) and laws prohibiting discrimination against gay people (much less allowing gay marriage) were practically inconceivable. But while many biases have changed in the last half century, one remains the same: the bias against atheists.
  • Sarah Palin's Debut on Sesame Street Also a Disaster

  • A Murder of Crows

    An outstanding documentary. If you're a Canadian you can stream this, if not there are ways.



What are the ways a non-Canadian can watch "A Murder of Crows"?

Some would recommend a torrent.

ROFL. This reminds of the 'acceptable' manner in which I can air a pet peeve to my wife. For example, if she puts something away in place that I think isn't 'where it belongs', I'll say, "someone put this in away here". Now, I have cutesy way of mispronouncing "someone" that mimics a Basque maître-d' for whom I work in college 33 yearts ago - that, and the use of the third person - makes it OK to say.

...for whom I worked in college...

"Some would recommend a torrent." - I couldn't possibly comment.(Francis Urquhart)

Hmmm. Downloaded bittorent, but now I'm not sure what to do next. I'm not that savvy with stuff like this...

OK, I have the torrent but I can't figure out what to do next... I have never used teh torent.

So, now I have BT, but I cannot figure out what to do to watch the crows. Have you tried this?

Thank you for the bt faqs link, thaddeus, but , after trying to understand some of that arcane narrative, I still can't get this to work. I'm not tech-savvy enough. Too bad, because I love crows. They're my favorite bird. Oh well.

send me an email

Just an FYI for all you BitTorrent newbies, probably the two most popular BitTorrent clients are:

uTorrent (Windows/WINE)

Vuze (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Downloading a BT client is only the first step though...


Some might say Vuze will do most things you need it to do.

Some might also suggest going into its search function, and typing in the title of what you are cravin'. Then you might click on the link of hit that looks most appropriate*. Then, perhaps you might consider clicking on the download button on the tool bar, that is if you listened to the advice of "some".

And voila! You'd be done in a few minutes/hours/days/never, depending on how popular that particular torrent is.

[*] It is usually safest (according to unnamed sources) if you find something that a lot of other people are downloading and that shares a final file size similar to other offerings. For various reasons (whether by the content creators trying to poison the well or spammers trying to infect your computer) many selections are actually unsafe. I hear through the grapevine that it helps to sort by quality of the torrent as well as by size. And make sure the name is specific enough in your search.

This is very frustrating that you take the time to say that there are ways we can watch this, and then completely fail to give instructions for doing so. To give people the "first step," as if that is some big deal, while acknowledging that the first step will get you nowhere without the OTHER STEPS, is ridiculous.

WHat next, posts in Swahili that say, Gosh, if you could only translate this, it woudl be great! With instructions, First step: Take a course in Swahili.

You can do better than this, Norm.

Put a little effort into it if you're want it that bad. Use Google or something. Yeesh! You're not in China are you?

You can do better than this, Norm.

Yep, and I don't know how much more helpful Norm could get than this.


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