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re: prayer and nonsense:

listen, i am a jew, and as such no particular ally of c.s. lewis's "robust" christianity. but lewis was so much a greater soul (did you hear that norm?) than the man who wrote this article that i feel the need to say that, in spite of his pathetically attempted deference this author has no business even referencing him.

you all can WISH you could have half the mind, spirit, soul, indeed decency and understanding of a c.s. lewis. he makes you all look like children, and i say this in spite of the fact that i disagree with him strongly on many theological matters.

yeah, i been to narnia. so what?

So lower minds cannot criticize "higher" minds, like, ever?

BTW I'm feeling a little anger there, in place of your usual light-hearted "just kidding" attitude. Have you switched your herbs or something?

hey, i'm a c.s. lewis fan. i'm aware of the contradictions in his thinking having to do with christianity, but on the other hand his greatness was undeniably a result of his involvement with the more "scholarly" aspects of christianity. if the scientologists could produce a thinker on his level, i would ignore the scientology part too. but that ain't gonna happen.

i have yet to hear of a great man (person) who doesn't tread the borders of contradiction. einstein could barely tie his own shoelaces, dylan was and is a complete asshole. it comes with the job.

what i hate is when people who have never even been near this kind of greatness, and wouldn't recognize it if it bit them in the ass, try to criticize the whole on the basis of the parts.

Einstein's physics was sublime, so if we criticize his shoe-tying, we're being small. When you pick at C S Lewis's religious thinking, you're criticizing that for which he is now best known - the "scholarliness" of his Christianity. But look what he had to work with - trying to elevate a creaking, ancient mythology to the level of intellectual rigor. Other than historians, I am honestly unable to take Christian "scholars" seriously. Every time I've tried to read much of C S Lewis (I did get through most of The Screwtape Letters when I was a teenager), I just can't sustain any interest. The only facet of my curiosity that is stimulated derives from the question, 'How can a grown man believe such baloney?' - and that's never enough to keep me reading.

trying to elevate a creaking, ancient mythology to the level of intellectual rigor.

geez, i never thought i'd be defending christianity here, but credit where credit is due: there is a scholarly tradition in christianity that lewis was just involving himself with, not redefining or "elevating". the key ideas in this tradition, imo, are actually jewish in origin and the rest is just flotsam and jetsam- just like any intellectual tradition, the majority of what is produced is just flotsam and jetsam.

a true genius can involve him/herself in any form of mythology- fairy tales, for instance- and come up with something great and relevant. it's the non-geniuses that take the mythology too literally and screw everything up, and there's plenty of those.

believing something unproveable- for instance, the essential goodness of mankind, or that we have a purpose here beyond reproducing ourselves- is merely a starting point for a genius, but it's the sandtrap for lesser minds on the golf course of life.


btw, "the screwtape letters" was based on a book by rabbi shimshon raphael hirsh called "the 19 letters". i don't suppose you'd like it any better, but i thought you should know. personally i liked lewis's version better.

if you think shoelace tying has nothing to do with physics you know less about physics than i do. since i know this isn't the case, you must be merely mistaken in pursuit of making your point.

That must be some good shit you're smoking! It's 8:30 in the morning here, I've got to go to work, and I can see that in your current 'state of mind' posting any response to your other comments in not likely to be productive. I see this spiraling into some well worn grooves, but maybe tonight..

yeah, too much tiger woods coverage. sorry. i hate golf, really. it should never have been turned into a spectator sport. like theology. :)

“We all recognized that if there’s one overarching issue for women it’s the way that religion can be manipulated to subjugate women.”

Manipulate to subjugate women? I think its more like you have to manipulate religion to not subjugate Women. It's right there in the holy books. In the Ten Commandments.

It's right there in the holy books. In the Ten Commandments.

oh, you're right. we shouldn't object if other men covet our wives. that's just a form of subjugation. my bad. they're not "ours", they really belong to everybody. yes, i can see it now.

So, which of your belongings are you most worried about - your wife or your ox?

It his ewe he's worried about - she's so special.

an "ox", in modern terms, would be a tractor, or for you city folk, a car.

at the moment i have neither a wife or a car, but i would prefer not to have to "worry" about either of them.

you all can WISH you could have half the mind...

Unfortunately, Lewis's mind was sadly inhibited by his faith. When it came Jesus's taking our sins unto himself, Lewis applied logic that one could call 22-HↃTAↃ - no matter how insane the theology, Jesus just couldn't lose.

Lewis's mind was sadly inhibited by his faith.

inhibited, yes, but also inspired. the right hand draws closer, the left hand pushes away. you interested in kabbalah? i could show you how it works. it wouldn't make you a genius like lewis, however, anymore than it's made me one. it's MERELY science.


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