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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday




Why on earth did Carville marry that goon?

I was just thinking the same thing. How could you possibly listen to that bull@#$%

Carville is somewhat creepy himself.

They're in the same biz. That and they must've liked the sex.

That being said, Matalin does indeed rewrite history. in less than half a minute. Richard Clarke must have permanent eye-roll from such BS.

That white lizard is pretty cool. I want one!

i notice them lizzerds is "evolving" in new mexico. radiation, anyone?

jk. thank you, evolution. now i no longer need the aid of psychoactive chemicals to see white lizards with blue heads and tails. thanx to evolution, i now lives a much healthier lifestye type thang.

it was really the octopii got me on the road to sobriety, tho. them thangs iz color and shape changers and they're TELEPATHIC. handle with care. last time i talked with a lizzrd the poor evolving bastard could hardly put together a coherent sentence.

thanks. the octopus told me telepathically that they changed their name around the same time burma started insisting on being called "myanmar". they now call themselves "dzhmmmungglr" and care not a whit what we uneducated rednecks call them, because they're more highly evolved than the myanmri, who still seem to care what we call them.

It was just kind of funny that you wrote the "i" version, after "lizzerds" and "thanx".


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