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Links With Your Coffee - Monday

  • Brit Hume, yet another oblivious religious kook because Telling Tiger To Convert Just Ain’t Kosher and besides Tiger belongs to the Mormons
  • From the APA: is faith a virtue? Frankly, it’s hard to imagine that a bunch of philosophers have to ask the question at all, the answer for me is obviously no. But ok, let’s see what happens here. We have two speakers: Robert Audi (Notre Dame) on “Faith, faithfulness and virtue” and John Schellenberg (Mount Saint Vincent, Halifax-Canada) on “How to make faith a virtue.” (Interestingly, both speakers come from Catholic Universities — coincidence?) Audi distinguishes between blind and non-blind faith, and between religious and secular faith (the latter being “faith” in your family, country, democracy, etc.). Right off the bat we are into silly territory: first, I find the whole idea of non-blind faith nonsensical, if it ain’t blind then there are reasons for the belief, which means it’s not faith. As for “faith” in family, country, institutions, etc., if it is blind, it is just as irrational and dangerous as the religious variety, and if it is not blind, then see above (it should be called trust, or belief, etc.).
  • Going Rouge, An American Embarrassment
    It was the Alaska State Fair, August 2008. I passed the Right to Life stand with my daughter's face on their poster. "That's you, baby-girl," I said to Piper. "There's no member of this family your momma wouldn't sell out to promote her career." As we watched three commy abortionists being burned to death, Senator McCain called my cell phone. Would I like to help him lose the presidential race?
  • Teach Philosophy to Children
  • Why I'm disappointed with Garrison Keillor
  • Biblical scholar's date for rapture: May 21, 2011 (tip to David)
    Harold Camping lets out a hearty chuckle when he considers the people who believe the world will end in 2012.
  • My wife and I were on our way back from a wedding at Log Haven in Millcreek Canyon. The road was covered with snow on the trip up the canyon, but was clear as we started back down. We came around a corner, and I felt the car losing traction, a couple of hundred yards of black ice and it was everything I could do to keep the car on the road. I steered into the skid, first right, then left, and then right again but still no traction. We continued to gain speed, as a car came around the corner coming up the canyon. I could see the terrified look on the passenger's faces as we passed just inches a way. I thought we might end up in the creek. I thought we might even roll if we went over the embankment, but slamming into a bridge abutment is not always a bad thing, it helped keep the car on the road. We're both a little bit sore today, and one of my fingers is swollen and quite sore, but we're okay. I have no idea how my finger got injured, but the soreness in my chest is most likely from the seatbelt that kept me safe. Time flies when you're steering into a skid and wondering if you'll survive.

    Seat belts work.



Damn Norm, move here to So Cal, it's shiny and warm here.

(BTW, is it socially acceptable to say "So Cal"?)

YIKES! That's frightening. I'm with Andyo. Move here. There's no ice here - black or any other kind. (On the other hand, when it rains, everyone completely loses their driving skills because it's such a novelty...)

Glad you guys are okay.......

Funny and more than a little true :)

I thought Brit Hume was an odd abbreviation for british humour.. bit of a disappointment there however

Brit's gonna have a lot of 'xplainin' to do when he arrives at the pearly gates - starting with his tenure at FOX.

I'm glad you're OK after the accident, Norm.

Glad that you and your wife are OK. Watch out for those roads!

Glad to see you made it out ok, sorry about the car.

I drove from OH to MN on Saturday. No black ice until I hit my neighborhood.

Luckily there are very few canyons

Oh, and I might recommend a nice used Subaru. All wheel drive can come in handy in these situations.

ditto the subaru recommendation. and i'm glad yr ok. try to stay away from the "black ice" (brrrr!)

actually i'd like to see norm driving a hummer. then he'd be real safe!


You don't know how your finger got hurt? You don't remember that you were flipping someone off when you lost control of the car? :)

But seriously, I'm glad you're OK!

Glad you and your wife are okay, Norm.

Time flies when you're steering into a skid and wondering if you'll survive.

I suppose this means you didn't have time to convert to Buddhism (just to give Brit Hume the metaphorical finger).

It was indeed a zen moment, but the injured digit was not the one I normally use on people like Bret Hume.

While I don't believe it would have helped you should know that our other car is a Subaru. It was on loan to my son Chris who was helping with the wedding and while his attendance was mandatory ours was not so critical. Is that what you call irony?

Thanks to all of you for your concern. You'll be relieved to know that I uttered no last second plea to an invisible god, unless there's one we call, oh shit.

I always give a quick prayer to the ancient Egyptian gods in near death experiences, just in case the movie Stargate is a true story.

Does this come as any surpise to people who have ever listened to Prairie Home Companion? I have a suggestion to Keillor: take your Christmas sanctimony and Silent Night lyrics and shove them...let's just say that he should put them where Brit Hume can put his self-righteous criticism of Tiger Woods. Why does anyone care who Tiger Woods is fucking? Get your own life and your own sex scandals if this sort of thing is of such interest to you.

He has always seemed like a nice moderate friendly guy. Not offensive to anyone.

That column was a nice piece of bigotry. I don't think I will be listening to PHC any time soon. I sent a nice GFY note to MPR on twitter as well.

I gave this year after a great Dawkins interview was run. I will need to hear more similar programing to convince me to give again next year.

So I guess he DID mean all of those words. The Salon editorial appeared in the Baltimore Sun 1st. The show that he did the same week had a funnier take on his dislike of the UU caroling, so I thought he'd come down some. The double printing also helps negate my thought that maybe he had too much scotch before a deadline. Sheesh.

Praise the lord you're OK, Norm. He must have been looking out for you.

Sorry, sorry, I just couldn't resist. I'm evil.

I am very glad you're all OK. I've been in that situation, and it is scary as can be. And yes, seat belts do work.

Remember that tale Grandad B liked to tell about black ice?

Dad was coming home and hit a patch of black ice, slammed into a cow that rolled over the windshield, smashing the roof on it's way over. By the time he got home, a neighbor had already gotten through on the party line to tell Granddad about the accident. 'Course the tale had been a bit garbled by the time Grandad heard it. In the version he heard, it was a guy was hit. Dad came home, and was asked "Is it true Son? Did you hit him?" My dad laughed and said, "I think it was a she, but yep, I sure did. She rolled right over the windshield and she's sure enough dead all right!" He laughed again, and said "but it's ok, the car's a bit dented but drives ok." Black Ice. The horror of it all....

so glad you are ok.

Thanks for the reminder. I do remember now that you've recounted it. It's a great story, thanks so much for sharing.

I may write an extended version of the experience and include Grandad's tale.

Glad that you and your wide are well, Norm. The car can be fixed, if you want, be we want you around! Your finger must not be a typing finger.


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