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Lewis Black - In God and Healthcare We Trust (Or Not)

tip to Jim



ANd we can't have an honest debate about single payer because? I can never wrap my head around how the conspiracy works so well.

It is remarkable. I've yet to hear/see a single discussion of the cost of health care that takes a typical paycheck and compares that cost with what a person (and his/her employer) are paying now for health insurance.

I must admit, I virtually never watch network - or even cable - news anymore. So maybe there have been some honest debate on a single payer system there. (Somehow though, if that miracle had actually happened, I expect the god(s) who run OGM would have seen fit to post some excerpts.)

Are you saying one good move or Zero good move?

Here's David U. Himmelstein, M.D < a href="">arguing for a single payer system. The article title, "The health care debate: Single payer vs. “public option” " seems to overstate its hand a bit; Himmelstein's testimony doesn't wander into public option territory. He does give a small critique on insurance exchange toward the end of his testimony.

Paul Krugman basically says get over it; we're already mostly covered by the government.

I will admit I haven't read these 20 myths about single payer health care yet, mostly because it's getting late and I'm wiped. It does present the other side. I'll catch up to it tomorrow.

So maybe we can begin a conversation around these debates and start something.

well, you can copy and paste for the 1st link, but I'll re-enter to speed up the process: Himmelstein testimony April 2009.

Wanted to mention.. I really like my company provided health insurance. In the last month they've gone to bat for us in some big ways. We are very lucky though, and I know this is far from the common experience.


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