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It's The Senate, Stupid

I am with Frank on this one. There is alot of reform to be had in America. The biggest need is in the least democratic body. The US Senate.



hey Barney, can Obama borrow a cup of your bad ass?

This is one of the major, unaccounted factors that causes pundits to complacently label the public mind "center-right." I truly wish I had the video of that Bolton performance I mention during the BBC's coverage of the 08 elections: he repeated the "center-right" meme two or three times as the returns seemed to laugh in his face; and the bemused looks on the British faces in the studio were a hoot to see.

Do liberals have the spine for a fight? Can the finish ANYTHING they start? Generally speaking, they're not stupid, certainly not when compared to the opposition, but they are just morons enough that they don't realize that the other side is playing for keeps and is not interested in taking prisoners. The democratic party has turned out a croquette squad to face off against a rugby team.



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