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Happy Birthday One Good Move

Damn, I almost forgot. It's been eight years since I started blogging. Actually it's been eight years and a couple of months. I started with a blogspot blog in November of 2001 and then later secured the onegoodmove domain name and started using MovableType's excellent software in January of 2002.

I've made dozens of friends and enjoyed the many conversations on topics of mutual interest. Thanks to all of you who visit for your participation, you keep it fun.



I have been a huge fan of this blog for about six years now, but this is my first comment. I just wanted to give a big 'thank you' for all the work you, and others, have put into this blog. Without it, my morning coffee would not nearly be as entertaining nor enlightening. Cheers!

Wow - that's a long time (and a long time to wait to comment).

I'm so glad you do this, Norm! Thank you.

I usually don't comment here unless I have something to bitch about, so let me take this opportunity to congratulate & thank you for an excellent blog.

Happy Birthday - #8 a little late, but another good year all the same.

Thank you Norm!

Yep, Thanks so much Norm.

I really need to go back a read the first 3 years at some point.

Thank you, Norm. Shout out from India.

Nice, Norm.

Thanks, as well, and keep it up.

i don't know where i'd be today without 1gm. the thought is too horrible to contemplate. my stomach hurts.

congratulations, norm, especially for taking on the "evolutionary" bloggers challenge of wtf to do apres bush jr. took awhile but you seem to be forging a direction.

Love your blog - perfect mix of humor, politics and atheism. I visit your site several times a day and hope that you keep on blogging.

Congrats Norm!

I've been a huge 1GM fan since your earlist days, and although I don't trawl the comments threads too much these days, I do read 1GM at least once or twice a week.

May you have many more years of blogging ahead!

Your friend always,

Mat Scheck


Yes, after Hurricane Katrina, and the buy-out, by Christian fundamentalists, of Mike Newcomb's radio station, and George Bush's, Alberto Gonzalez's, Karl Rove-vs.-wa... ...'s AmeriKKKa in general, it was all too much, it was driving me to the brink of insanity, almost. But,

Thanx to OGM (NOT omg): I am in full possession of my reasoning faculties, such as they are. I have avoided the staitjacket, the : "front-a-low-bottom-y", the padded cell.

I too have been a fan since the elitist days (cue the fanfare for the common "man" here). But I was only driven to commentary by the growing absurdity of our "intelli" gently designed Plato's cave shadowy world.

Herzlichen Glu"ckwunsch zum Mo"bisstriptag!

I've been around for about four of your eight years Norm and I've derived much from OGM – here's hoping you have much more to do here!

Happy birthday and congratulations!

Best, Peter (fan since 2004)

I don't always comment but I always read 1gm daily without fail. I have found more links and videos worth forwarding here than just about anywhere else. Congratulations on your longevity. Thanks Norm!

Congratulations not only for your longevity but also for the consistently interesting, high quality content here at OGM. That includes the conversations in your comment threads too. Thanks Norm!

I found this blog a few years ago looking for Daily Show clips, and I'm pretty sure that almost every single blog I've subscribed to since then (current subscriptions: 118) can somehow be traced back to this blog. Whether through Pharyngula, or one of the other blogs I found from your site, they all trace back here.

So I guess I'm saying: Thanks.


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