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Haitian Ambassador Shames Pat Robertson

Apparently, the Devil and Freedom are the same thing.



Thanks for posting this. A friend of mine put this link up on facebook, so if it was not here by the time I was able to connect, I was going to add it.

In any case, the texting donation you mentioned in your prior post (send "HAITI" to 90999) seems to take pretty quickly. Other types have a 12 hour back log.

And, this just makes me realize how my knowledge and overview of history sucks and how, again, Pat Robertson sucks.
I hate the whole apology game ("he should apologize for that" blah blah) but, in this case - man, he owes these people an apology.

Pat Robertson's God owes us all an apology for Pat Robertson.

Some facts listed in Haiti's Wikipedia article that I found relevant:

Haiti is a largely Christian country, with Roman Catholicism professed by 80% of Haitians. Protestants make up about 16% of the population.


in 1779 about 750 Haitians fought alongside American colonial troops against the British in the Siege of Savannah, one of the most significant foreign contributions to the American Revolutionary War.

Is it really necessary to remind people that Pat Robertson is a complete piece of shit?

Pat really has gone over the deep end. This is his worse yet.

A little off topic, but can anyone suggest a good nonsecular charity for me to donate to the Haiti relief? Is Unicef alright? I don't trust my Google searches, but I figured someone here would know.

nonsecular, really?


for either.

Er I meant secular. Thanks, though!


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