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Even Idiots?

Tip to Robinson for a series of funny videos

Watch the same kids ask Awkward Questions about Jesus



Where is this show available in the US? I like it! I looked in Blockbuster and DirecTV with no luck.

Thanks for signing up Blinky. I will have to let the anglophiles answer that, as I am new to this show as well.

Check out "Awkard Questions about Jesus"

And this one as well

Is it just Muslims that blow up planes?

This show is Season 1 is listed on Netflix but unavailable. No list on Blockbuster or BBC America. Now I have to have it! I must be the first in America to see it. Anyone have a boot leg version?

i'd also like to know where i could view this show. love it.

It's satisfying to see this response - especially as the show stars Hugh Dennis (of The Now Show) - but particularly because I am so sick of seeing the "Sorry, Videos are not currently available in your country" message on so many of Norm's postings. Sorry folks, but Outnumbered is not currently available in YOUR country. Hah!

You can't just start mailing us a copy of the DVD?

I see it is available on DVD in PAL on ebay from UK and Australia.


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