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Cold Weather Crock



Thanks for posting this. It's easy to differentiate between people who do and don't believe in global warming: just mention that people don't seem to fear global warming; they welcome it. Those that laugh without a wry note are - at best - believers in climate change. They'll also usually adopt that phrasing for themselves.

The reason people feel colder during the occasional cold snap/lower than normal temperature day is that their bodies have adapted to the general warmer temperatures that they experience most of the year. I can't remember if I read that here or while traveling, but that's not rocket science.

After 4 years in Des Moines, I can tolerate colder temperatures even lower than my Baltimore days. The special lining for my leather jacket isn't even a consideration any more. I think that this has as much to do with living in Iowa during the winter as it does spending my summers in Maine, where 90F is a rarity while 60-68F is the norm. When I went to grad school in Florida, it didn't take me long to wear jeans in 80F weather.

I met some nicaraguans visiting minnesota earlier this week when it was in the 20's. They were questioning why people live here, I told them I often don't button up my coat when it is this warm. My eyeballs don't even freeze at that temerature, so who cares.

I have often wondered how people arrived on the site of Houston and said to themselves, "This is a sweaty, mosquito-infested swamp ... perfect place to build a town!" I can't imagine how nasty the summers were where I now live before the invention of air-conditioning. At least in people moved to Minnesota after the advent of fire.

Indeed, If you watch how population exploded in places like Florida you can really tell how much AC has influenced our way of life. Florida went from having 1 congressional district to have ing more than 20 in something like 30 years.

I lived their briefly and you could see the small pre-1950's towns buried in the mega development that has occured since.

My great grandfather was born in MN in a sod roof house. I can only image how cold -20 feels without proper insulation in a house warmed by fire. Brrrr.

I have to be true to my principles here - WYSIWYG.

People talk about cold temperatures when they mean cold conditions. I was taught that temperature is a measurement of the prevailing heat energy in a system. 35 degrees F is a low temperature indicating cold conditions (to me, at least), but the temperature is a referent - it has no heat of its own. It's a bit like talking about long or short inches (I know - short yards are a feature of NFL games but ....).

great video! I recommend forwarding it to all of the high school science teachers that you know. The distinctions made here are absolutely critical. That one graph showing record warm & record cold frequencies is worht a million rediculous arguments with global warming deniers. And while fox news won't get it, high school students will.

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