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"... or the game really is over."

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Generally I leave TDS clips to Norm, but this was too good to wait on. Good interview and good message from a public servant that often makes me wonder, "How did she get past the guards?"



Yeah, when I think fiscally responsible advice, I always think of the US Congress. The two just go hand in hand.

Do you think Wallstreet?

Those are the only choices? Lawyers or bankers? That's a tough one Red.

Oh, I guess there are always economists.

What Congress spends is irrelevant - so your comment is a red herring.

She discussed the laws and regulations under which bankers and other financial actors were permitted to operate. As she said, we had laws which operated for 50 years after the depression during which time we did not have recessions caused by boom-bust fluctuations in financial markets.

As your friends at the UN are finding out, Tim. Credibility matters.

I responding to your post in the Forum, but for some reason it never posted. On that topic, I've decided you're uneducable, so I've not followed it up.

Ah, but the common ground you have with Syngas is that while a former legislature helped enact effective regulation on big business, the current legislature is most effective in allowing big biz to run the boom and bust scheme for personal gain.

I, like Jon, have a crush on her too. What a beautiful woman! Unfortunately, and I'm sorry to be cynical, like the SOTU tonight, it's pearls to swine.


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