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Zombie Reagan

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP
(tip to Max)



Aw man! I literally came here to tell you about that.

Oh well... check out 'Gaffe prone Biden sneezes'; it isn't especially funny but it's top notch satire.

This would be funnier if this hadn't actually happened from 1984-1988.

There's quite a lot about Reagan in his prime here :

Doh! Forgot to sign in. Sorry if this double posts.

I know I'm a drag but I don't think this is funny because I hate the left wing meme that Reagan was too old. Who doesn't respect grandpas? And the dismissal of his wisdom- that he was forgetful. This is how the noise machine works - they start it, left wing then right wing cultural comedians pick it up and next thing you know - it's fact. Like Al Gore saying he invented the internet..

Putting aside the mocking tone, I think he really did suffer from being shot - he just didn't have as much vitality afterwards. My biggest beefs with Reagan were never about his age, however.

It's really irritating when people just come up with a line and run with it when it has no basis in anything. I'm serious, and agreeing with you here.

I think the Reagan zombie thing has more to do with today's GOP constantly pointing to Reagan as their leader, almost in reverence as a savior: "If we could only get back to the ideals of Reagan..." So - why not just exhume him and let him lead the Republicans, even if it means eating a few, and turning a few (especially Mr. Rogers Jindal) along the way?

Reagan staggered throught the 1984 debatees like he was drunk. He was "out of the loop" for a good part of his second term. Itan contra was going on without his knowledge. One of his main policy advisors was his wife, whom was consulting an astrologer.

Age, brain damage from being shot, or early onset Alzheimer's? I don't know which.

I hate when Conservatives say Reagan was a great president. What they mean is, they really liked his campaign commercials.

Jill, your thoughts?


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