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White Wine in the Sun

(Thanks to Jonathan for the link)



Halfway through this song, during the chorus, I just started sobbing. Powerful, simple and perfect.

Recently I've been seeking out various versions of O Holy Night. I agree that the lyrics are 'dodgy', but man can that song move you to your core.

Thanks for this post, I'm going to send it to my mom now and make her cry too *8)

yeah, somewhere around 4:40 i think i may have experienced a tear- i can't be sure. not bad.

Great song. Humorous and elegant.

Of course, it's probably lost on the Mormons, who are wondering why you would be drinking white wine at all. So they will continue celebrating Christmas the "right" way, by shopping at Wal-Mart and fighting over sale items.

Now, if the song were about drinking Sprite mixed with fruit punch...

OMG.. you MUST hear this nine minute beat poem from Tim (the musician)

And, buy the iTunes version of White Wine... it is a message worth supporting...


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